Isabelle Mathers Dons Black Bikini On Instagram


Isabelle Mathers has been sharing a ton of great photos lately and has been spotted on Instagram wearing a variety of outfits and swimwear. This includes a new post where she rocked a black bikini while posing in front of the ocean. She stood facing the camera for the shot and placed her left hand on her forehead. Isabelle wore her hair down and looked great in the swimwear. The bikini top had a glittering accent in the front center, and the bottoms had a high cut which rested above her hips. The photo has been liked over 4,700 times in the past day.

The model also shared a photo of herself hanging out at the beach six days ago. It was geo-tagged in Sydney, Australia. Mathers sat on the sand and grabbed her left leg, which was covered in sand. She wore her hair down and gave a moody expression while looking to her left. She pouted slightly, and wore a long-sleeved bodysuit for the shot. The post included the photo in color, along with a second one that was in black and white. Fans were clearly loving the update, liking the post over 83,000 times.

In addition, Isabelle took a cute selfie a couple of days ago. The close-up shot of her face gave her a chance to show off her striking look, as she wore glossy lipstick with liner. Her gold necklace pendant was also visible. This Instagram update was geo-tagged in Whitehaven Beach.

In other news, fans may be excited to hear that Isabelle gave an interview to Maxim Australia, sharing some interesting information about herself and her modeling career.

“I think social media portrays me to be someone different, or famous, but I’m really just a normal person like everybody else. I obviously only show the good and positives on my socials so I guess it’d be hard to see that I’m just an average 19-year old girl.”

When congratulated on her Maxim shoot and asked about what she likes to do in her free time, she replied, “Aw, thank you! I’m usually working three to four days a week and if I’m not working I like to go to the beach, spend time with family and friends and eat yummy food.”

“I grew up on the Gold Coast so I’ve always lived close to the beach,” added Mathers, while describing her upbringing and family members.

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