Brazilian UFC Ring Girl Jhenny Andrade Showcases Too-Hot Body In Sports Bra, Barely-There Yoga Pants

Buda MendesGetty Images

Frequently seen strutting the beach in revealing bikinis as often as she might be captured doing her job at ringside, Brazilian UFC ring girl Jhenny Andrade is seeing her social media star rise as of late. Currently boasting a rather substantial Instagram following of over 500,000 individual users, the platinum blonde bombshell knows exactly how to captivate an audience, sending pulses racing and hearts aflutter at the same time.

In one recent Instagram update, however, Jhenny is showing off her fierce yet fun side. Standing up in a fighting stance in a gym — a boxing ring and a pair of heavy bags at her back — the ring girl looks ready to throw a few punches, her hands clad in black sparring gloves. A skimpy green sports bra teases her deep cleavage and flawless decolletage, also showcasing her extremely muscular stomach and svelte waistline. A pair of barely-there yoga pants clings to every inch of her shapely lower torso, accentuating her toned thighs.

Throughout it all, though, Jhenny sports a coy smile, her lips barely parted in a slightly coquettish expression. Her iconic golden tresses are styled in a modest side part, her long, loose locks tumbling down about her neck and shoulders. She accessorizes her gym look with a delicate chain and pendant set, long and luxurious lashes, and a pretty nude-colored lip.

Despite a brief caption written in Portuguese, Jhenny’s share attracted over 20,000 likes and 250-plus comments in short order. Fans seemed to enjoy her athletic pose as well as her cheeky caption, one which suggests — according to a machine translation provided by Google — that the camera shouldn’t focus too much on her bare feet. While most of the comments were also written in Portuguese, a few English-speaking followers also left their thoughts in the appropriate section.

“Beautiful girl,” one user quipped, adding a single clapping hands emoji to their message.

“GO GO JHENNY. YOU’RE THE NEXT CHAMPION!” a second supporter remarked in all caps, adding a string of enthusiastic emoticons to the tail end of their comment.

“You are so hot,” a third admirer gushed, a trio of romantic emoji accompanying their statement.

There’s a lot more to Jhenny Andrade than her Barbie doll figure and her pretty face, however. As Spinning Backfist details, the UFC ring girl is also an accomplished martial artist, studying Muay Thai with stunning regularity. She also enjoys some level of fame as a TV presenter in Brazil, and operates several blogs and social media channels in addition to her Instagram account.

No matter what the future holds for Jhenny, it appears to be a bright and exciting path for both her — and her followers.