Katy Perry And Fans Get Matching Ink

Pop star Katy Perry is no stranger to the tattoo artist's chair. She has a few tattoos, and often uses the opportunity to get inked as a way to commemorate a particular event. As Wonderwall reports, that's exactly what she's done for her latest single — and she's brought her fans into the mix by getting a matching tattoo with them.

Perry just released her song "Never Really Over," which is her first solo track in two years. It seems like just yesterday her songs were topping the charts, but the pop star had taken a bit of space to breathe. However, she's back and ready to rock — and she wants her fans to be a part of it. She invited several fans to the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, California, the evening before the single was released at a special event.

Perry had arranged for a tattoo truck to be ready at the event so that fans could have the opportunity to get some ink that would always make them remember the special evening. Perry herself got in line, and actually got a matching tattoo with her fans.

Perry got a half-broken heart inked on the side of her hand that read "miss," and several fans got the other part of the tattoo, a half-broken heart that read "you." Perry shared shots she had taken with several fans who got the tattoo on Instagram and mentioned the love she has for her fans in the caption.

Fans were obviously thrilled to have a piece of ink to share with their favorite pop star. One fan who attended the event, Matheus Rodrigues, took to Twitter and shared his experience of the event and how much it meant to him.

While it may seem a bit extreme to commemorate a song or career milestone with a tattoo, it's actually something that Perry has been doing for quite some time.

She has several pieces of ink at this point, and generally always gets one when she finishes a tour or has a major career moment. For example, as Page Six reports, she got a strawberry, peppermint swirl, rainbow triangle, and Saturn eye to mark her past tours, "Hello Katy," "California Dreams," "Prismatic World Tour," and "Witness: The Tour."

Furthermore, one of the major events in her career was definitely her Super Bowl XLIX performance, something that many artists only ever dream of. She stopped by her tattoo artist to mark that as well, getting the Roman numerals XLIX on her finger in order to always remember that performance.

Perry is also always happy to include her fans and crew in the memory making. She works with tattoo artist Dr. Woo, and rather than going to his shop, she actually has him fly out to where she is to design some ink. While he's there, crew members and others are free to get the tour tattoo as well to mark their experience.