Kim Kardashian Swipes Kylie Jenner’s Phone To Make Fun Of Her Controversial ’10-Second’ Face Wash

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Kylie Jenner posted a video demonstrating how to use her newest face wash, and fans weren’t having it. They were quick to point out that in their opinion, Kylie’s “tutorial” was nothing more than a filter-heavy farce. Big sister Kim Kardashian decided to have a little fun at Kylie’s expense by swiping her phone and filming a quickie face wash “tutorial” of her own.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim paid a visit to Kylie’s makeup and skin care offices in the Kylie Skin showroom. While walking among the products, she filmed a quick Snapchat poking fun at Kylie’s controversial video.

“Okay guys, it’s Kylie. Just kidding…it’s Kim,” the reality star teased. “Let me teach you guys on how to do a tutorial on how to wash your face. What do you want me to do in only 10 seconds? I’m going to do the exact same thing — should I pick every single product? Because you know it’s sold out. So guys, what is the big deal here, with the 10 second video? That’s all she’s got.”

Taking the joke a step further, Kim used the baby filter on Snapchat to film a second segment showing her new, more youthful complexion.

“Kylie Skin is the fountain of YOUTH, people. All you need is three seconds, I didn’t even need a full 10 seconds,” she said.

At that point, Kylie was over the teasing. She yelled at her sister, calling her an “a**hole” while Kim continued to rave about her new “baby” skin.

Kim then poked fun at the fact that there were foundation stains on the towel that Kylie used to dry her face after washing it, something that social media users panned during Kylie’s original video. Kylie screamed in the background as the video cuts out.

The sibling rivalry was all in good fun, but as The Inquisitr previously reported, fans weren’t so amused with Kylie’s original take.

The makeup mogul posted a video on the company’s Twitter page showing herself washing her face in a 10-second tutorial. The video was filmed with a heavy skin filter, so viewers were not able to see what the product is doing for her actual skin. The towel Kylie uses to dry her face also shows traces of foundation, which means that the wash didn’t remove all of her makeup. Other viewers pointed out that you need to scrub your skin for a longer period if you want a skin care routine to do any good.

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