Tyra Banks Posts Series Of Bedroom Pics On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Tyra Banks shared a new set of photos on her Instagram page, and it looks like she’s titled the photos “The Bed Series.” The photos from the set show her laying on a bed, as she appeared to be nude for the shots. The supermodel lay on her back on several plush pillows, which were light tan and blue. She also covered up with a light pink comforter. There were nine photos in all, with several being taken of her in the bed, while others were close to selfies.

This included a couple of photos of Tyra laying on her back, with the photo being taken from above. The set also included a couple of photos of the model laying on her stomach and covering up with the comforter.

The selfie shots also exuded a “just got out of bed” vibe, yet Banks looked as glamorous as ever. Her hair was styled in a carefree, bed-head look that still managed to look stylish. Her makeup, on the other hand, was fit for evening wear, as she wore dark purple eyeshadow. All of the photos were in color, except for one selfie, which was in black-and-white. It’s not news that Tyra is looking fabulous at her age, but these photos seem to remind her fans of just that. The model also added a series of three photos that spelled out the phrase “The Bed Series.” This was done in such a way that it looks like there’s a header for the nine photos.

The popular model and TV host previously opened up to Entertainment Weekly, not just about her career but also about her personal details.

“Many years ago, I was stressed with starting new businesses… I went to [my lawyer] and I was like, you know what, I’m ready to bring someone else in. I won’t say the name of that person, but I actually brought a different person to the network, met with them, and said, ‘This is the person I want to take the reins of this show.’ This was cycle 8. It was very early. My lawyer held an intervention of sorts, and said, ‘What are you doing? You created this show.”

Banks also went on to describe how she used to be in the editing bay every day, but as things progressed, she was there to ask questions like, “Okay, how can we make this more exciting?”