Lady Gaga Nearly Falls Off Giant Robot During Las Vegas Residency

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Lady Gaga had a scary moment on stage this weekend, as she almost took a bad spill off of a giant robot prop while performing in Las Vegas as part of her residency.

According to Hollywood Life, Lady Gaga didn’t miss a beat as she sang “Judas” while sitting on top of a huge metal robot on stage.

The singer began to belt out the words to her song as two of her backup singers came over to help her down off of the robot. Gaga grabbed the hand of one of her dancers and began to lift her leg to swing herself over the robot. However, her leg got stuck and she slid, nearly falling of the large structure.

Thankfully, the dancers broke the singer’s fall, and she immediately continued on with her song as if nothing happened.

Gaga was wearing a powder blue wig, and a futuristic ensemble, which included armor, and light up elements on the hips, shoulders, and arms.

The singer donned a full face of makeup for the show, rocking a bronzed glow, darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, pink blush, and a light pink color on her lips as she held a microphone in her left hand.

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Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s fans were breathing a sigh of relief that the singer didn’t hurt herself during the mild spill. As many fans will remember, the singer broke her hip during her “Born This Way Tour” back in 2013.

The injury forced her to cancel all of the remaining shows on her tour schedule, leaving her fans saddened by the incident.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, just hours before the big show, the singer appeared at the Haus of Gaga exhibit in Vegas as apart of the grand opening.

The exhibit includes tons of fashion pieces that Gaga has worn over the years, including pieces from her private collection.

The Daily Mail reports that fans will not be charged an admission fee to get into the Haus of Gaga, but that they will be encouraged to make a monetary donation to the singer’s charity, the Born This Way Foundation.

The charity was founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia, and focuses on the mental health and well being of today’s youth, as well as building stronger, kinder, and more supportive communities.

Fans can see more of Lady Gaga’s life and projects by following the singer on her social media accounts.