Social Media Influencer And Makeup Guru Carli Bybel Busts Out Of A Jasmine-Inspired Costume

Carli BybelInstagram

Carli Bybel is known to her 5 million Instagram followers for her makeup tutorials and sexy photographs. And while most women follow her for her fashion influence, her male fans eagerly wait for her to post new sexy pics almost every day.

Following her pic-posting routine, the 28-year-old YouTuber recently took to her Instagram account and posted a new pic where she showed off a lot of cleavage through her Jasmine-Inspired outfit, which she wore in the honor of the new Aladdin movie.

Per usual, she wore layers of makeup on her face and artificially tanned her skin to look more like the famous Disney character. Carli wore her raven-colored tresses in soft, romantic curls that cascaded over her bust. She could be seen standing in her lavish sitting room as she clicked the mirror selfie.

Carli’s pic became an instant hit on the photo-sharing website as it amassed about 200,000 likes and close to 1,400 comments, as of this writing. Commenting on the picture, one of her male fans wrote that Carli is simply gorgeous, and she has the most incredible set of breasts in the world, while another one said that he is madly in love with her.

While most comments were quite positive in nature, there were a few negative ones too. One commentator, for instance, wrote that Carli is fake from head to toe so it’s beyond her imagination as to how Carli — and other fake models — have become the epitome of beauty. Another one agreed by pointing out Carli’s visibly enhanced lips and said that Instagram influencers should be responsible and avoid setting up false standards of beauty.

Before posting the Jasmine-inspired pic, Carli treated her fans to a risqué video where she could be seen wearing a white crochet crop top which she paired with jeans to accentuate her small waist. She also flashed her never-ending cleavage to send temperatures soaring.

In terms of her aesthetics, Carli wore lots of makeup to ramp up the glamour while she accessorized with large drop earrings, a bracelet, and sunglasses that she tucked in the neckline of her top.

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The video garnered more than 310,000 views and 450-plus comments, which shows that Carli is, indeed, very popular on social media.

According to an article by The List, when the New Jersey native became famous, her mom was shocked and couldn’t believe it until she attended one of her meet-ups. That was the moment her mom realized that Carli was doing something meaningful with her life.