Dua Lipa Strikes Sexy Poses On A Bed

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Dua Lipa shared a series of sultry bedroom photos with her Instagram fans yesterday, and it’s racked up over a million likes. The update was comprised of two photos, both of which show Dua in a zebra-print dress with an Asian-inspired design. The dress had red accents that followed the curve of the singer’s body, and she posed on a bed with white sheets.

Her accessories were also spot-on, and included earrings and a watch. She laid on her side on the bed, propping her head up with her right hand while placing her left in front of her. The dress was fairly short with a slit on the left side, which she took full advantage of when striking her pose. The second photo in the series was similar to the first, except Dua gave a small smile as she sat up more.

Prior to that update, Dua shared a couple of cute selfies that showed her going casual in a gray hoodie. The first photo showed the singer with a serious look on her face, as she gave a pout while wearing glossy lipstick. It didn’t look like she was wearing much eye makeup, if at all.

A second photo showed Dua mid-laugh, as she winked with her right eye. The photos have been liked over a million times.

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way past my bedtime

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Her other sultry Instagram photos were posted three days ago, and she shared a zoomed in look at her leg. She wore a brightly patterned dress with Frankenstein on it, but pulled it up to reveal a garter belt. She strapped a red smartphone to her leg with the lacy garter belt, and it was possible to see that she was rocking a ton of rings.

In other news, Dua’s fans may be interested to know that she opened up to GQ Magazine during an interview about her new music and her life.

“I went through a tough break-up with someone who made me feel that I wasn’t good enough. And I went to the studio so heartbroken about the situation, feeling like, you know, I want to write a sad song. Like, today is the day I want to write a sad song.”

“And it was like, I’m done with feeling sorry for myself, so I want to flip the script and make it seem like he can’t get enough of me and that I was hotter than h*ll, even though I didn’t feel that way,” noted Lipa, discussing how she became inspired to write “Hotter Than H*ll.”

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