Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Aunt Stella Steps Up To The Plate

Craig SjodinABC Press

Jordan is not doing well and General Hospital spoilers say that she will get worse with each passing day that she doesn’t receive a new kidney. Her loved ones are frantic. They are close to saying goodbye to her, but Curtis and Finn are scrambling to come up with a plan to get Ryan Chamberlain’s kidney to give to Jordan. Nothing has worked so far, but there is one person who still may have some influence over the infamous serial killer.

Curtis’ Aunt Stella just recently warmed up to Jordan and she is not about to lose her now. She is expected to take a shot at trying to talk some sense into Ryan. SheKnows Soaps has teased that she will plead her case with someone, and that will be with Ryan. Everyone else has tried to get him to agree to the surgery, but the only way he will do it is if all of the charges against him are dropped. He has killed several people over the course of 25 years, so that is not something anyone wants to agree to do.

Curtis will do whatever it takes to get his wife that kidney. As The Inquisitr had previously indicated, he and Finn have a plan that they are cooking up. Whether they actually go through with it or not is still up in the air at this point, but they will chat on Monday.

However, they may not get the chance to play it all out as Aunt Stella will be giving one last plea to Ryan to get him to change his mind about saving Jordan’s life. Curtis, Finn and Kevin have all tried different tactics with him, but nothing has worked.

In the current print version of Soap Opera Digest, a story details some of what will happen in the coming week on General Hospital. There will be someone who sneaks into Ryan’s room to inject him with a solution that will cause him to have a seizure although there isn’t any clarification just yet on whether or not this is all part of the plan that Finn and Curtis cook up. That said, it seems likely.

Ryan will suddenly fear that he is dying but it’s doubtful that anyone will have much sympathy for the guy. Still, he will be tended to just like anyone would be in who is in his medical predicament.

SOD details that Stella will endure enough pain to recognize what TJ and Curtis are going through and she will go see Ryan, doing her best to make him change his mind. Amazingly enough, it is Aunt Stella who is Jordan’s hero as she plays into Ryan’s ego.

Stella will supposedly talk to Ryan about being forgotten. This makes total sense because he thrives on recognition. Stella will likely manage to convince him that people will forget about him eventually when he goes to prison. However, if he should donate his kidney to save the police commissioner’s life, that would make headlines, a consequence that shows what Ryan Chamberlain is all about.

It looks like Stella will be the hero who helps save Jordan’s life. Next week on General Hospital is when all of this goes down, so be sure to watch.