Robert Mueller Held A Press Conference To ‘Light The Fuse For Impeachment,’ Says Devin Nunes

Alex WongGetty Images

In an interview broadcast Thursday, California Republican Devin Nunes said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a press conference in order to “light the fuse for impeachment,” RealClearPolitics reports.

“You just have to ask yourself, sitting back thinking about it: What was that press conference all about yesterday? To light the fuse for impeachment.”

Nunes argued that the American public still does not know what the Special Counsel’s office was supposed to be investigating, suggesting that the origins of the Russia investigation have not been properly examined.

Nunes described Mueller as “blatantly dishonest,” slamming the special counsel’s remarks about adhering to longstanding Justice Department guidelines, which state that no sitting president can be indicted.

According to Nunes, since Mueller decided to respect the DOJ rule, “he should have been done after day two.”

The California Republican then went on to allege that members of the intelligence community — “dirty cops,” is how he referred to American agents supposedly collaborating with the Kremlin — and members of the Clinton campaign have ties with the Russian government.

“Clearly, the Clinton operation is heavily working with Russians or Russian disinformation. He didn’t take time to look into any of that,” he said.

According to the Trump-supporting representative, members of the Clinton campaign and certain American intelligence officials are “in big trouble,” which is why Mueller decided to hold an impromptu press conference about his investigation.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, although Mueller’s press conference revealed nothing new about the Russia probe itself — the special counsel’s office cleared the president of a conspiracy with Russia, and refrained from charging him with obstruction of justice — the former FBI director’s remarks were interpreted as an implicit call for impeachment.

Discussing his decision to not charge Trump with obstruction of justice, Mueller said that “the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing,” essentially telling Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Although dozens of Democratic lawmakers have publicly called for impeachment proceedings to begin, as have nearly all Democrats running for president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains adamantly opposed to the idea. Pelosi has long argued that impeachment would be a futile effort, and the special counsel’s press conference has not changed her mind.

President Trump dismissed the prospect of impeachment when asked about it, opining that the Supreme Court would never allow it to happen. As Vox pointed out, the president’s claim does not appear to be based in reality, given that the courts have nothing to do with the impeachment, which is an entirely congressional process.