Oiled Farrah Abraham Celebrates Birthday Fully Naked In Just Cowboy Boots And A Hat

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Farrah Abraham’s Instagram has been busy of late. The Teen Mom OG star has been celebrating turning 28-years-old for a month, and today is Farrah’s actual birthday. For this outspoken reality star, it would appear that turning one year older calls for an especially daring display. The Nebraska-born star’s May 31 Instagram update features the former MTV star completely naked, and she isn’t holding back.

Farrah’s snap shows her shot in semi-profile from behind. She’s wearing nothing but over-the-knee cowboy boots in whites and a likewise country-style hat in monochromes. Her buttocks are on full display. Likewise manifesting is a healthy flashing of side boob. Farrah’s bronzed skin also seems oiled; her rear, thighs, and arms appear particularly shiny.

The young mother has been snapped resting her elbow on her knee as she stands with one leg raised on a white surface, possibly on a chair. A backdrop of greenery further makes Farrah pop out.

A caption thanks Farrah’s photographer for making her “birthday wish” come true. Shout-outs were then given to clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, as well as Farrah’s makeup artist. A plethora of hashtags also celebrated Farrah’s 28 years, her nudity, and the “cowgirl” theme.

Suffice to say that Abraham going fully nude on Instagram is going to launch some comments. Plenty were left to Farrah’s topless May 30 burger picture (seen below).

“You can still be beautiful without showing EVERYTHING!!!” one fan wrote regarding today’s snap.

Another fan seemed to pick up on Farrah’s deep tan.

“You look like the color of a well done [sic] turkey…But I prefer the turkey cuz it has more meat on it,” they said.

Farrah is known for going raunchy on Instagram. Her feed frequently showcases cleavage-flaunting outfits, nudity, or sexually suggestive poses. While Farrah often finds herself slammed to the extent of being bullied, she maintains a brazen attitude toward continuing her controversial updates. Despite her somewhat negative image, Farrah’s fame does seem to have appeal for brands. Yesterday’s burger snap came as an advertisement for Pretty Little Thing.

Farrah rose to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. The father of her child, Derek Underwood, died tragically in a car wreck before the couple’s daughter, Sophia, was born. Sophia was raised single-handedly by Farrah with the cameras watching. Following 16 and Pregnant, Farrah became a core member of Teen Mom OG. She has since left the franchise.

Farrah has 2.2 million Instagram followers. She has also set Sophia up with her own Instagram account. Fans wishing to see Farrah-related content that’s a little less NSFW should subscribe to Sophia’s Instagram.