Kourtney Kardashian’s Near-Naked Pregnancy Picture Sparks Major Rumors With One Tiny Detail

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Kourtney Kardashian’s latest Instagram update seems to be sparking discussion on the platform. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has knocked Instagram sideways with the throwback pregnancy photo from Kourtney’s May 31 update, showing her rocking a huge bump. The black-and-white photo also came with very little clothing. Kourtney had been photographed naked save for a white robe. The 40-year-old’s modesty was covered by her hands and the loosely flowing clothing.

A caption recalled Kourtney’s love of being with child. It also encouraged fans to head over to her lifestyle website – a Poosh blog post on Kourtney’s “pregnancy secrets” offering everything from advice to her own pregnancy experiences.

Fans have been picking up on the small details from today’s picture. Namely, one that could suggest the mother of three to be pregnant.

“Is she pregnant???? She said love not loved,” one fan wrote.

The comment received more than 150 likes.

A fan responding to the question seemed to disagree with the thought behind it, though.

“@jazniffa no she isn’t this is an old pic,” they replied.

Suspicions of whether or not Kourtney might be pregnant weren’t exclusive to one user. One fan straight-up told the star that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, a fan predicted how the comments section would fill out.

“Now everyone’s gonna start asking if she’s pregnant. Let it begin,” they wrote.

Today’s post comes with a contrast for Kourtney. Just yesterday, the brunette took to Instagram with a virginity-centric caption. The classy-yet-sexy photo (seen below) saw Kourtney refer to her own 40 years, as well as a famous movie.

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40-year-old virgin

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Many fans responding to today’s picture appeared thrown. Two mentioned almost having a “heart attack.” Likewise present were fans initially thinking that Kourtney is pregnant – ultimately, however, they realized that the snap is a throwback.

The comment questioning Kourtney’s use of tenses is, however, a valid one. Kourtney’s “love” of being with child hasn’t been clarified as a past situation. That said, it could equally be an ongoing emotion – quite simply, that with or without a pregnancy status, Kourtney adores the sensation of being pregnant.

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As the first of her famous sisters to have children, Kourtney is known for her motherhood. Her children are 9-year-old Mason, 6-year-old Penelope and 4-year-old Reign. Their father is Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend and frequent Keeping Up With The Kardashians face, Scott Disick.

Some responses to today’s snap encouraged the former couple to have another child. Kourtney and Scott split in 2015.

Clearly, as far as Instagram today, the devil is in the detail. Kourtney has 79.2 million Instagram followers.