Braless Hilde Osland Pops Through Semi-Sheer Cropped Top, Asks 'Would You Stop?'

Fans of Hilde Osland will likely know that this beauty tends to prefer lingerie. The Norwegian-Australian model's Instagram is largely dedicated to her ultra-feminine, ultra-girly underwear pieces. Today brings a more free-spirited attitude from Hilde. Her May 31 Instagram update comes fully braless, and it's got a potentially cheeky caption.

Hilde's most recent photo shows her being shot outdoors. This bombshell has been snapped at the edge of an isolated road – blue skies and a Northern Territory, Australia, geo-tag suggest a desert setting.

Hilde is in the foreground. She's wearing the world's tiniest white crop top that isn't leaving much to the imagination. The strappy number is tight, semi-sheer and imprinted with letters of the alphabet that include a little profanity. The upper garment has been paired with a pair of light denim jeans that sit well below Osland's waist. Suffice to say that today's outfit is showing off this models' impossibly taut abs, slim waist, deep-golden tan and feminine assets.

"Would you stop?" was Hilde's caption.

While the caption was followed by a shout-out to Fashion Nova, something about it suggests that Hilde was referring to her solo setting – perhaps hinting at a hitchhiker situation. That said, the words could also be interpreted as being something a little raunchier.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts to today's snap.

"That shirt," one fan wrote.

Another appeared to have responded to the caption.

"Would I stop? Heck yeah I would stop!!! I would jump out of a car with no breaks if I needed to," they wrote.

Hilde replied to the fan with an alien-face emoji.

With her cherub features and docile facial expressions, this model is known for being one of Instagram's more angelic faces. While Hilde's itsy-bitsy lingerie or swimwear snaps don't hold back on the cleavage front, something about Osland retains a certain innocence. The near-chaste vibe from this bombshell is fast becoming her trademark. Likewise loved are Hilde's heartwarming smile, blue eyes and icy-blonde hair.Today's Fashion Nova shout-out doesn't come as a first for Osland. The model may not announce any brand partnerships in her Instagram bio, but her activity as an influencer is frequent. Hilde's favorite brands seem to include Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear and Hot Miami Styles.

Hilde has 1.3 million Instagram followers. She is followed by fellow models Tarsha Whitmore and Issa Vegas. Today's snap racked up more than 18,000 likes within one hour of being posted. More than 500 comments were left. Fans wishing to stay up-to-date with Osland should follow her Instagram.