Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Curtis And Finn Discuss A Plan Regarding Ryan

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers have been curious to see what would happen with Ryan — and the request for him to donate a kidney to Jordan — on General Hospital. Spoilers had hinted that Curtis would go to great lengths to make this happen, crossing lines if necessary. Now it looks like he’s putting a plan together.

As viewers saw on Friday’s episode, Ryan proposed that he would donate his kidney to Jordan if all charges against him were dropped. Curtis relayed this news to Laura and Jordan, and this was obviously not great news. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Curtis may propose a way around this.

Later in the show, Curtis pulled Finn aside to chat. The sneak peek for Monday’s episode hints at what the two men might decide to do. General Hospital spoilers tease that everybody may agree to go with Ryan’s plan — to eliminate all charges — if he goes through with the surgery. Then, those doing the surgery manage to make sure he doesn’t wake up again.

Obviously, this is a complex and dangerous plan. Finn will say something to Curtis about ensuring that Ryan doesn’t wake up again, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the two men will be working together in the days ahead.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that during Monday’s show, Curtis will show a willingness to risk everything. As the week continues, viewers will see Kevin make a swift move of some sort, and it’ll be interesting to see if this is connected to this Ryan plan or not.

Other tidbits about the days ahead have noted that Ava will need to cut her losses, and that Jordan will do some thinking about Ryan. All of that seems to suggest that Ryan will be out of the picture, and that the kidney is probably donated. However, it’s not entirely clear yet how that all falls into place.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central note that during the upcoming week, Curtis will show a willingness to cross whatever lines it takes to save Jordan. Some of these teasers made it sound as if Curtis might agree to help Ryan escape after donating his kidney. Given the sneak peek — and the upcoming chat with Finn — it seems that instead, Curtis might try to ensure that Ryan goes into surgery, and not make it out alive.

How can Curtis and Finn manage to make this happen? Will they pull Kevin, or anybody else, into this scheme? Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon, and fans will be quite anxious to see how this Ryan storyline is wrapped up — learning what the outcome means for Jordan, Ava, and everybody else touched by his reign of terror.