Cardi B’s Strip Club Case Back In Court And Could Be Way More Serious

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Many people will recall rapper Cardi B’s tangle with the law last year, when she got into an altercation at a strip club. As TMZ reported, members of Cardi’s posse went along with the rapper to Angels Strip Club in Queens.

According to two women working at the club, Cardi’s posse attacked them by throwing bottles and chairs. Cardi was actually arrested for her role in the incident, which was sparked by Cardi’s anger that one of the women had allegedly gotten together with Offset.

It turns out, that drama isn’t over quite yet — and it could actually get a whole lot worse. Cardi arrived at a Queens courthouse on May 29 in a revealing pink blazer to face the next chapter of the drama. The judge, as TMZ reports, revealed that Cardi’s case would be heard by a grand jury.

Prosecutors admitted to TMZ that they decided to upgrade the case due to what they found while investigating — meaning there could very well be new charges laid upon the rapper. There’s no confirmation yet on what any new charges may be, but bringing it to the grand jury level means the case could be upgraded — and Cardi B could be in serious trouble.

Back in April 2019, the drama almost came to a conclusion when Cardi was offered a plea deal by the prosecutors. In the deal presented to her, she would be required to plead guilty — but only to a misdemeanour. Cardi decided that the offer just wasn’t good enough for her, and she would rather take the risk that came with not pleading guilty. The plea deal would have allowed her to avoid jail time, something that’s no longer a guarantee.

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PRESS 5/31

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The latest chapter in this legal drama is unravelling at the same time that Cardi B launched her latest single, “Press.”

At the moment, many of her fans are commenting about the single, sharing thoughts on Twitter like “you never disappoint me sister,” “man go listen to cardi new song, its a bop this summer” and “I can only imagine how the video will look to #Press I know it will be fire as everything else @iamcardib does.”

While Nicki Minaj has weighed in on Cardi B’s legal drama before, making comments back in 2018, celebrities seem to be keeping quiet so far about the latest development in the popular rapper’s case. According to USA Today, Cardi will return to court on August 9.