Paulina Gretzky Spills Out Of Barely There Dress In Birthday Post For Her Husband's Brother

Paulina Gretzky really knows how to wish a happy birthday.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and wife of pro golfer Dustin Johnson took to Instagram on Friday to wish a happy birthday to his brother (and pro caddy), Austin Johnson. In the picture, Paulina stood beside Austin and his wife, Sam Maddox, while she showing off a very revealing dress.

The picture was a big hit with Paulina's fans, who revel in the infrequent snaps she shares on Instagram. Many were impressed not just at Paulina and her barely there dress, but by the good looks of the assembled group.

"why tf does every person have sparkling white teeth and theyre [sic] all hot?! Lol" one person wrote.

Paulina had taken to only sharing posts every few weeks on Instagram, taking a break from the social media site while she and Dustin had some very public relationship problems. After the two patched things up, she slowly returned to Instagram. As the pictures show, all seems to be well between Paulina and Dustin, as well as with the PGA star's extended family.

Dustin and Austin Johnson have quite the close relationship, sharing both their successes on the golf course and a penchant for being plagued with some very odd injuries as a result. Back in 2017, Dustin slipped and fell down a staircase in his Augusta, Georgia, rental house just before the start of the Masters and was forced to withdraw from the tournament. As Golf Digest noted, Austin suffered a nearly identical injury this year, only he actually fell up a set of stairs at a rental house before the start of the Players Championship. Austin suffered a broken left hand.

"Those stairs, man, they'll get you," Dustin Johnson joked after the incident. "He was carrying the stuff in the house after TPC on Sunday night and slipped going up the stairs."

But unlike Dustin, Austin was able to play through his injury, caddying for his brother while his arm was up in a cast.

There have been more good times than bad for the brothers, who have been together on the course while Dustin worked his way up to being the world's top golfer.

While Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson are used to being in the spotlight -- largely for being such a great-looking couple -- Austin and wife Sam Maddox are no slouches, themselves.Both have a big presence on social media, where they share glimpses of their private life together and where Sam now and then takes a page from Paulina Gretzky's book by showing off her assets.