New Research Shows You Don’t Really Need To Take 10,000 Steps Daily To Increase Your Chances Of A Longer Life


For years, it’s often been said that a fully-grown adult should be walking at least 10,000 steps a day to remain in good physical health. The major benefit of doing this was said to increase a person’s chance of living a longer life. Ten thousand steps has been the go-to standard for years, with many people purchasing Fitbits and other devices to help ensure that they’re getting the minimum each day. However, new research shows that you might not actually need the full 10,000 to see a positive difference in your overall health. In fact, by making sure you get in just 4,400 steps per day, you’re already doing your health a big favor, according to Health 24.

A new study looked at the daily exercise levels of a group of women of the average age of 72-years-old. Research showed that when women walked 4,400 steps a day, they were already reducing their risk of a premature death by an impressive 41 percent, in comparison to those who only walked about 2,700 steps.

Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s School of Public Health, explained what this research really means. It’s not trying to downplay just how vital exercise is for your everyday health, but rather to show that a small amount of daily exercise can be beneficial.

“Our message is not a new message: Physical activity is good for you. What’s new and striking is how little you need to do to make a difference,” says Dr. Lee.

The study also debunked the common belief that everyone requires vigorous activity on a daily basis to remain in good health. Daily physical activity, even at low levels, has already been proven to improve blood pressure, cholesterol and memory, as well as lead to an overall better quality of life.

Dr. Lee emphasized that people just need to get moving, at whatever rate they’re able to. Not doing at least some daily exercise is simply doing your body a disservice.

“You can step fast or you can step slow. It didn’t matter. I can’t beat home enough the point that physical activity is good for you. Just moving around is so good for your health.”

Even if daily trips to the gym aren’t your thing, Dr. Lee encourages people to achieve their daily allowance of walking in other small ways throughout the day, like parking further away or taking the stairs.