Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Thursday: Jax Excites Nina, Valentin Not Taking It Well

Michael YadaABC Press

Jax has been back on General Hospital for a short time now, and he is already causing a ruckus in Port Charles. The suave businessman has just taken over Crimson and he is ready to make some changes. This business deal came as a complete surprise to Nina Reeves. She was wary about the whole thing at first, but she soon warmed up to the changes, and to Jasper Jacks.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Jax was waiting for Nina when she walked into her office. This wasn’t the first time they met, as their first unexpected meeting was at the Nurses Ball last week. Nina was quite giddy in front of the handsome Australian back then, and that has continued into their new work relationship. Soap Central indicated that Nina’s eyes would be opened wide, and her eyes were definitely on Jax.

Down the road spoilers coming up on General Hospital tease that Nina and Valentin’s marriage plans may be put on the back burner because of some type of challenge that could interfere. That challenge is likely Jax. The Crimson editor has not exactly hidden her feelings on having her new boss by her side. Valentin walked into his wife’s office while Jax was explaining spreadsheets to her. He wasn’t exactly warming up to the guy as much as she was after meeting him.

Nina was literally filled with excitement as she began gabbing to her soon-to-be husband about how she was looking forward to working with Jax and sharing new ideas with him. Valentin’s face showed a hint of jealousy. It looks like a love triangle is at hand soon.

Of course, once Nina finds out the secret that Valentin is keeping from her about Sasha, he won’t have to worry about keeping her affections any longer. She will be hurt and angry and will drop him like a hot potato. There are rumors of a Jax/Nina pairing, and that may happen when Nina discovers that Sasha isn’t her daughter. Jax would be there to pick up the pieces of her heart that will be shattered.

Michelle Stafford is checking out of General Hospital starting on the week of June 3. The new Nina, actress Cynthia Watros, is taking over the role and will begin taping next week, according to SheKnows Soaps. It will be interesting to see how Watros connects with the characters close to Nina Reeves, such as Maxie, Valentin, Charlotte, and now Jax.

There may be a clash coming between Jax and Valentin, so stay tuned to General Hospital to see who will eventually capture Nina’s heart.