Cardi B Posts Nude Photo On Instagram, Responds To Backlash About Recent Plastic Surgery Procedures

Rapper Cardi B made a pointed message on her Instagram page towards haters who gave her backlash about postponing some of her shows due to plastic surgery complications, reported The Daily Mail. She also took to the photo-sharing site Thursday night to post the cover art for her new single, which was released at midnight that same day.

In the cover, the singer is featured completely nude with black bars covering her private areas. The black-and-white photo appears to have been taken in the style of the early 1900s, with paparazzi snapping photos of her with old-fashioned cameras.

In the photo, which was posted to promote her new single "Press," Cardi is being escorted out of a doorway that has her name written across it by sunglasses-wearing, suited men. With her hands behind her back, Cardi attempts to cross one leg over the other to shield herself from view. She has her long, dark, wavy locks worn loose around her shoulders as she stares off into a distant corner with thick-winged black-lined eyes and unsmiling dark-painted lips.

Due to the "I Like It" singer's nudity, viewers get a completely unobstructed view of her enormous peacock tattoo, stretching the length of her right outer thigh up over her hip and abdomen to her chest. The singer wears just a pair of hoop earrings and no other visible jewelry.

In the caption of the photo, Cardi announced the release of "Press" at midnight. The snap earned over 2,000,000 likes from her almost 50 million followers in just the first 12 hours of being posted, while also boasting an impressive number of comments from fans excited for the release of her single.

One fan declared, "past my bedtime but I'm staying up for this," while another commented, "This is gonna go down as one of the best cover art.... this is dope hands f**king down and says sooooo much."

Yet another Instagram user chimed in with, "I smile more and more for you as you go higher and higher. Just thinking about the ones that never believed in you. A true testimony for us to continue to believe in ourselves despite the naysayers!!!!"

Shortly before posting the cover art for her new single, Cardi took to Instagram Live to speak out about her cosmetic work, declaring that she can do whatever she wants with her body and that she doesn't have time to work her body to look how she wants it, so she opts for some plastic surgery.

The "Money Bag" rapper explained that her recent breast surgery wasn't healing quite as planned and that her doctor was concerned about it, leading her to cancel some of her shows.

Finishing the video, Cardi apologized to her fans for canceling the shows and expressed how much she hated having to do so.