First Photo Of Jessa Duggar And Husband Ben With Newborn Ivy Jane Emerges

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Jessa Duggar has given the world a few peeks at her newborn daughter with husband Ben Seewald. Ivy Jane was born on Sunday, May 26, and she is adorable. She joins big brothers, Spurgeon and Henry, to round out the family of five. A new photo featuring the happy parents with their first girl has emerged on social media, much to the delight of excited fans.

Sharing on her Instagram account, Jessa posted some photos that will melt your heart. The first one shows the mom-of-three holding her newborn daughter as she smiles lovingly at her. Ben Seewald is standing behind his wife with a more serious look on his face. He appears to be just staring at his little girl. Maybe he just can’t believe that after two boys he now has a daughter to love and care for. Whatever he is truly thinking at that moment, Ben is sure to adore this new member of the family.

Jessa Duggar looks pretty healthy in the snapshot. She gave birth at home and it appears that there were likely no complications with her third round of labor and delivery. According to the baby’s birth announcement, it only took three and a half hours of labor before Ivy came into the world. This baby was born earlier than her brothers and she also weighed a couple of pounds lighter than they did.

Ivy Jane is wearing a dark green outfit with a grey bowed headband. It looks like Jessa may have taken the cue from her sister, Jinger Vuolo, by having her daughter donning headwear with bows attached on the front, just as cousin Felicity is seen in quite frequently.

The rest of the photos are of Ivy Jane staring at her mama and also of her taking a nap. The last one looks like she is smiling a bit. There are no signs of her big brothers in this series of pictures. However, you can be sure that there will soon be more of a formal photo taken of the family, including Spurgeon and Henry.

It looks like this new Duggar baby is already getting spoiled by her aunts and uncles. Many photos have already been shared of the family holding Ivy for the first time. There are four more babies who will be welcomed into the reality TV family’s hearts in the fall. Kendra, Joy-Anna, Lauren, and Anna are all expecting babies in the next few months.