Thonged Bombshell Gabby Epstein Recreates 'Friends' 2019 In Tiny Cut-Off Top

The '90s are officially back. Instagram sensation Gabby Epstein has taken to the platform to celebrate the decade's iconic Friends sitcom, although her May 30 update is throwing fans more than Central Perk's big six.

The Australian blonde is posing on an outdoor balcony in the post. The sunny setting overlooks blue skies and palms. This update isn't about the background scenery, though. Gabby is posing in the world's tiniest black briefs; anyone wishing to get a glimpse of Gabby's thong only need to swipe to the right. The model's super-taut abs, toned legs, and pert booty are all on show, and that's just the lower half.

Gabby's cut-off Friends tee seems to have been the inspiration for her caption. Her fan shirt shows the sitcom's cast in their iconic milkshake photo: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry. For Epstein, today is about taking a show that first aired in 1994 and giving it a 2019 spin; namely, what the characters would be doing in life if the show still aired today.

Gabby took to her caption for her thoughts. Chandler Bing (played by Perry) has been pegged as working on a podcast. Joey Tribbiani (played by LeBlanc) has been handed a fitness-centric modeling role. Monica Geller (played by Cox) would be taking her chef career to the digital space. As for her brother, Ross (played by Schwimmer), the dinosaur-loving professor would be found on Tumblr.

Gabby's caption didn't seem to include the show's other core members. The model did, however, take to the comments section to complete her thoughts.

"Rachel would be one of those Youtube [sic] makeup gurus and Phoebe is exactly the same," she wrote.

Despite Gabby's efforts to hilariously re-create the show, her fans largely appeared to be picking up on her skimpy clothing rather than the caption's musings.

"Why are you such a goddess," one fan wrote.

"Best smile on IG," another commenter said.

Both comments seem apt. Today's post has sent this Aussie's angelic smile straight to the masses. It has likewise showcased a goddess-like physique.

A few fans did respond directly to the Friends-centric tee and caption. One fan asked why Rachel hadn't been included. Gabby replied to the fan saying that Rachel would work at Revolve. Another fan found Gabby's summary "insanely accurate."

Today's update has racked up over 63,000 likes within five hours of being posted. Gabby has 2.3 million Instagram followers.