Jessica Simpson Shares Instagram Photo Of Freezer Stuffed With Breast Milk For Birdie Mae

Brian AchGetty Images

Jessica Simpson just shared a photo of her freezer, which is stuffed to the brim with bags of breast milk ready for her three-month-old, Birdie Mae. And although she doesn’t sell it — as her caption jokingly suggests — Women’s Health reports that the post pushed her fans to ask Simpson to donate leftovers to children in need.

“You are so blessed! You should donate it,” one wrote.

“Awesome!! If you don’t know, when you overproduce there are ways to donate leftovers!” another fan chimed in.

For anyone a bit freaked out, the Office On Women’s Health claims that it’s perfectly fine to store breast milk in the freezer until it’s needed, so long as it is stored in bottles or breast milk storage bags and marked with an expiry date.

Simpson gave birth to Mae back in March after a tough pregnancy. But the pop star pushed through and both Simpson and her daughter appear to be in good health.

The “Irresistible” singer took to Instagram just seven weeks after her Mae’s birth to post a workout photo. Around the same time, she spoke to People about how life as a mother of three is treating her and noted the challenge of having three children.

“We are trying to get into the groove and make sure all three kids are getting equal attention … it’s more than a full-time job right now.”

Of course, the challenge isn’t stopping Simpson from enjoying her life and cherishing the time she spends with her children.

“[Birdie] makes our family complete. Someone once told me to keep in mind that everything is a phase with infants and kids … trying to remember that fact and celebrate the small victories.”

Simpson also touched on how she handled one particularly tough situation with her three children.

“The other night, all three kids were crying at the same time, so I just joined in!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Simpson’s oldest daughter, Maxwell, 6, and her 5-year-old son, Ace, have been helping out with Mae. Apparently, the two have naturally taken to caring for their baby sister, Mae, and are both curious to get involved.

Back when Simpson first announced her pregnancy on Instagram, she commemorated the occasion with photos of her children with balloons.

During her pregnancy, Simpson was open with fans about her experiences and struggles. At the beginning of March, she suffered from bronchitis, which put her in the hospital for a week. And before that, she suffered from acid reflux and had to purchase a sleep-recliner. To top it off, the singer had to deal with sciatica pain and swollen feet — definitely not an easy pregnancy.