WWE News: Former WWE Champion Says Vince McMahon Is Allowing Brock Lesnar To ‘Ruin His Company’


Brock Lesnar has been on a part-time schedule with WWE for many years, and he does not wrestle much for the company. Despite that fact, he has been featured in numerous main events and held the WWE Universal Championship for a lengthy period of time. Some don’t agree with the things that the promotion allows Lesnar to do, or how he’s treated, and that has led one former champion to believe he is ruining Vince McMahon’s company.

Jon Moxley, the superstar formerly known as Dean Ambrose, has made some huge headlines lately in the wrestling world. He is one of the newest roster members for All Elite Wrestling and that’s huge news when you’re talking about a former WWE World Champion.

As reported recently by The Inquisitr, Moxley spoke on why he ended up leaving WWE and the time he spent with the promotion. He pretty much put it all out there and let everyone know how poor the writing is at times, and how awful some of the storyline ideas are, but there was much more to his feelings that he explained.

Once the rumors started flying that Ambrose was going to leave WWE, a press release was issued by the promotion. It was a very strange move, and Moxley said he didn’t know why it was sent out other than Vince McMahon was wanting to keep total control of things.

Dean Ambrose gets Brock Lesnar down on the mat.
Featured image credit: WWE

Moxley held nothing back when speaking of Vince McMahon wanting to control every situation, and that was when he brought up Brock Lesnar. Obviously, Moxley is not very high on the former WWE Universal Champion and believes he’s bad for WWE, as he told to The Sun.

“[Vince] has got the Million Dollar Man complex. That’s why he pays Brock [Lesnar] billions of dollars to come in and ruin his company. Because he wants to own Brock. He wants to be like, ‘Brock’s my attraction!’ A guy he has no power over (me), he doesn’t know how to handle it.”

That has been the general feeling going around after Lesnar surprised everyone by returning at Money In The Bank and entering the Men’s Ladder Match. Not only did he enter the match, but he won by grabbing the briefcase after only about two minutes worth of ring time.

Jon Moxley is officially gone from WWE; he signed with AEW, and Dean Ambrose is no more. It’s hard to believe for some wrestling fans, but it is the reality of the situation. To go along with that, he’s spilling the truth about Vince McMahon, and many others who he has crossed paths with along the way. Now, he’s laid it all out there about Brock Lesnar and how he feels the beast is being paid to simply ruin WWE.