‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Bryton James Enjoys Remarkable Milestone

Trae PattonCBS

Soap opera star Bryton James, who portrays Devon on The Young and the Restless, celebrated a significant milestone on the CBS soap.

Earlier today, the show’s official account tweeted congratulations to James, marking his 15th anniversary on the show, and viewers chimed in with their congratulations and favorite moments from James’s decade-and-a-half career on the number one-rated CBS Daytime drama.

“Congratulations, @BrytonEjames still remember you as Richie on family matters yes, I’m that old lol,” one long-time fan of the actor replied.

“Happy anniversary, Bryton! Devon stole my heart at hello!” replied another fan.

Initially, Neil (Kristoff St. John) was resistant when Dru (Victoria Rowell) wanted to bring Devon into the Winters family through foster care and eventually adoption, but ultimately, Neil came around, and he and Devon enjoyed an excellent father/son relationship. At one point, Neil and Dru were there when Devon received a cochlear implant to help with his hearing issues, which stemmed from a bout of meningitis. Later, another surgery restored Devon’s hearing completely.

Now Devon is mourning the losses of his wife, Hilary (Mishael Morgan), their unborn child, and his dad, while attempting to move on in a new relationship with Elena (Brytni Sarpy).

Last week, James posted a headshot of himself from when he first auditioned for the show, and it garnered plenty of comments and likes from his c0-stars and fans alike.

James spoke with TV Source Magazine about his remarkable anniversary on the show. The actor admitted that his time on Y&R has flown by in a flash.

As for how Devon has grown, James pointed out that when he first entered the canvas, the character didn’t have much family, and now he has plenty.

“Quite a bit has changed [for Devon]. The biggest thing I’d say is that his belief in the world around him and that he can actually trust people and trust the love that he’s shown by the people in his life,” according to James.

One of the only things James said he wishes Devon hadn’t done in all the years on the show was sleep with Hilary, his dad’s wife, while Neil was temporarily blind.

James said that one of the things he finds hard to believe is that he’s the last person remaining in the storyline on a regular basis from the Winters family. He said that carrying on the torch of the iconic family from Y&R is a tremendous honor for him. For James, this is the most fulfilled he has ever been as an actor, and he’s looking forward to seeing what is coming next for both Devon, as well as himself.