Twitter In ‘Crisis’ Over Rihanna’s Name Pronunciation, Video Knocks Fans Sideways

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It isn’t the easiest name to pronounce. Rihanna may be a global superstar, but the “Work” singer appears to have her work cut out – getting her fans to correctly pronounce her name is something Rihanna has yet to conquer. As Cosmopolitan reports on May 30, Twitter is in “crisis” over the whole affair.

Earlier this month, British Vogue posted a video of the 31-year-old introducing herself. The footage (seen below) didn’t focus massively on how to pronounce Rihanna’s name – the Fenty Beauty founder saying it seemed to be confirmation enough. “Re-Anna” was E Online‘s interpretation of the correct pronunciation earlier today. The media outlet pointed out that the common “Re-Ah-Na” pronunciation is incorrect.

The video showed Rihanna giving a shout-out to British Vogue at her Fenty collection pop-up in Paris. The result seems to have turned into a social media storm – alongside calling it a “crisis,” Cosmopolitan also reported Twitter to be in “meltdown.” Fans are realizing that they’ve been getting RiRi’s name wrong all this time, and their comments are reflecting it.

“Wait, how do you miss pronounce Rihanna?” one fan wrote.

“Only Americans pronounce it as rihaaaaaaana lol” was another comment.

Across the pond, a British fan seemed smug, per their comment.

“us brits we BEEN pronouncing her name right since dayyy,” they wrote.

Elsewhere, one fan seemed a touch frustrated.

“how is rihanna your fave and you don’t know how to pronounce her name,” they wrote.

As Cosmopolitan outlined, the singer and fashion queen has clarified how to pronounce her name in the past. It is, indeed, “Re-Anna.”

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Rihanna’s full name is Roby Rihanna Fenty. Fenty Beauty is the singer’s best-selling cosmetics line. Her much-anticipated high-fashion label also takes her last name – it is simply named Fenty. Fans, however, have seen the Fenty name in the fashion world already. Savage X Fenty is Rihanna’s lingerie line. The designer has been taking to Instagram to promote her latest business venture – Rihanna has 71.4 million followers.

Over 800 comments were left on British Vogue‘s video of Rihanna. While many congratulated the singer on her leap into the world of high-fashion, enough centered around her name for multiple media outlets to pick up on it.

Rihanna has also made recent headlines for revealing that she lives in London, U.K. Fans had not been informed. As The Inquisitr reported on May 21, the news of Rihanna’s domicile caused a separate social media storm. For today, however, one thing seems clarified. The “Pon de Replay” singer’s name is pronounced “Re-Anna.”