‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Willow Faces Questions From Chase As The Baby Drama Escalates

Michael YadaABC

There is more baby drama on the way with Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Chase will ask Willow to catch him up on what happened after he left the Nurses Ball, and everybody will be scrambling to manage this complex situation.

The Twitter sneak peek for the May 30 show reveals that Chase will connect with Willow and ask for some updates. As fans know, things got pretty crazy after he left the Nurses Ball. Nina overheard Willow talking about the baby, and Shiloh overheard their conversation. Then, this is when Shiloh confronted Willow about her pregnancy.

Not only did Shiloh realize that Willow left him and Dawn of Day because she was pregnant with his child, but Lucas put the pieces together, too. Brad already knew that Willow was the birth mother of the original baby Wiley, but now both Brad and Lucas know that Shiloh was the unnamed father in the scenario.

As Chase asks for updates, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Willow will fill him in pretty thoroughly. Chase already knows most of the details, but he’ll surely get pretty upset to hear about all that happened. Michael had already urged Willow, Brad, and Lucas to stick together to protect Wiley, and Chase will probably be on board with that plan.

As The Inquisitr shared, Lucas will reach out to Alexis for help. It looks like Lucas will fill her in on what he’s learned, and Alexis will ask if Wiley’s birth father knows now. While paternity issues should have been cleared before the baby’s adoption was finalized, the fact that Willow knew the baby’s paternity and kept it hidden could cause issues.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will turn to Sam with an idea he thinks could help with this mess. He will have a favor to ask of her, and he’ll tell her that her brother needs her help. This probably has to do with trying to deal with Shiloh, but Sam may not be able to do much after the latest interactions she had with the Dawn of Day leader.

Additional General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Lulu will be supporting Willow in some sense during Thursday’s show. Next week, viewers will see Harmony confront her daughter Willow. Lucas has a confession to make, and that’s all set to play out during the show airing on Wednesday, June 5.

The Inquisitr has revealed that Nelle will be back in some sense the following week, and fans cannot wait to see how this baby swap story progresses. Will Michael soon finally find out that Jonah is alive and has been with Brad and Lucas all this time? How will Willow handle learning that her biological son died soon after he was born?

General Hospital spoilers hint that these next few weeks will be a wild ride, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out.