‘Southern Charm’ War Of Words Breaks Out Between Danni Baird & Madison LeCroy

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Though last night’s episode of Southern Charm was fairly tame, the editing gave viewers the sense that something was brewing. This morning, some related drama exploded all over Instagram, with an unlikely source throwing the first rhetorical grenade. Longtime friend of the cast, Danni Baird, posted what seems to be an uncharacteristically aggressive message for newbie Madison LeCroy. Madison LeCroy is cast member Austen Kroll’s sometimes or former girlfriend — depending who you ask — as well as Patricia Altschul’s hair guru. Baird’s first comment referenced a direct message delivered via Instagram.

Baird shared a post to Instagram, one allegedly sent by a client of Madison’s to Danni’s new guy, Gentry Todd Radwanski, alongside a message for LeCroy. On the May 29 episode of Southern Charm, an Instagram DM was mentioned by Austen, one which caused him to confront Madison on the phone — egged on by Shep Rose and Craig Conover — but viewers never got to see the actual Instagram post, until now.

Danni posted what she claims to be the original DM, one sent by a client of Madison’s to Gentry in a message dated October of last year.

“Hey Gentry! My hairdresser and I wear [sic] scrolling through Instagram and saw your face in an ad and said you were hot and I said I knew you. She wanted to meet you. Her name is Madison Lacroy [sic] and she owns her own business and is now on Southern Charm. Here’s her pic.”

The post included a fully clothed and tasteful photo from LeCroy’s Instagram account.

Baird posted the photo alongside a message which seemed to indicate that she was responding to something, but the text was a bit cryptic.

“Here’s the deal…. Was trying to be a girls girl… but if you wanna play that game…”

Baird’s post seems to have caught LeCroy unaware, as LeCroy then shared a text conversation with Baird to her Instagram Stories, followed by an explanation of how — and why — the DM to Gentry was sent. She posted the text, captioning it with the phrase, “Here’s The Real.”

The tone between Baird and LeCroy on the text is friendly, with Danni stating that perhaps Austen was trying to trick her — referring to the bar scene with Kroll, Shep, and Craig doing shots in the bar.

“I explained it wasn’t you who reached out, it was a mutual friend or something.”

Danni goes on to say that the DM was not proof of anything. LeCroy then posted another message for fans in an attempt to “nip this in the bud right now.” She says that she was doing a client’s hair, and the woman was swiping through Instagram, eventually landing upon Gentry’s page. LeCroy claims that her client then asked “Isn’t he hot?” to which Madison agreed. LeCroy then adds that the client then took it upon herself to message the realtor.

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But as per usual with regards to reality television drama, Madison had a parting shot for Danni.

“I don’t know why you are bringing this false narrative up again especially since he has broken up with you @Danni_Baird.”

Judging by the bar drama on Southern Charm, it would seem likely that Madison and Austen were done when the scene was filmed in October, but their Instagram accounts tell a different story. After Patricia Altschul, Kathryn Dennis, and Madison LeCroy appeared on Watch What Happens Live, Austen weighed in on Twitter, suggesting that the Gentry episode was a bigger deal — and a sticking point in their relationship.

“What an absolute fabrication. Madison, lied to me and begged the guy to not tell me about her indiscretion. Unbelievable #WWHL.”

In response, Altschul shared her thoughts in an interview with Decider. She said that the tweet was out of bounds, and if she were LeCroy, she’d rethink the relationship. This response perhaps suggests that Kroll and LeCroy were still together on May 15.

“I think what he tweeted [after her appearance on WWHL] was completely unacceptable. And if I were Madison I would give the relationship second thoughts. We talked, she was upset. She was shocked by his tweet.”

Patricia then hinted that even though Madison is “lovely, [and] kind and sweet,” Altschul would go on to say that Madison also isn’t a pushover. Fans can expect that, throughout the rest of the season, Madison will stand up for herself.

Southern Charm fans haven’t seen the last of Madison — or Danni for that matter. It will be interesting to see how the ladies work through this current drama.