WWE News: Hall Of Famer Says Disgruntled Superstars Should Follow Jon Moxley’s Example When Leaving Company


Thanks to his dramatic appearance at All Elite Wrestling’s debut show, Double or Nothing, on Saturday, Jon Moxley — formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE — has dominated wrestling headlines over the past few days. And given how Moxley waited for his contract to officially expire before he left WWE, multiple-time tag team champion Bully Ray — aka Bubba Ray Dudley in WWE and ECW — commended the onetime “Lunatic Fringe” for handling his exit properly and setting what he feels is a good example for anyone else who might be planning on leaving WWE.

In a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Ray explained that since there are several WWE superstars who are unhappy with their status in the company, they should take a look at how Moxley left the promotion and follow his lead by finishing out their contracts first. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the WWE Hall of Famer stressed the importance of “[staring] down the barrel of that gun” and waiting things out before actually leaving the WWE fold.

“There is no other way out,” Ray said. “A couple of other people got their release and were able to wiggle their way out. Nobody is getting their release anymore. You’re going to have to wait out your contract. [Moxley] did it professionally. He did it the right way.”

Bully Ray’s comments about how he feels Jon Moxley did the right thing by finishing up with WWE before leaving came on the heels of Moxley’s appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, where he went into detail about the factors that convinced him he needed to leave WWE. As reported on Wednesday by The Inquisitr, the former Dean Ambrose recalled his various creative frustrations with Vince McMahon and the rest of WWE’s creative team, and even suggested that McMahon went as far as to ask him to say something really offensive about his on- and off-camera friend, Roman Reigns, and his then-ongoing battle with leukemia.

“It is the worst line,” Moxley told Jericho.

“I’m not going to say it on the air, I’ll tell you after we’re done. It would have been like a thing where someone would had to get fired, maybe me. They might have like lost sponsors, like the Susan G. Komen [breast cancer foundation] and all of that.”

Meanwhile, reports are continuing to suggest that there are several wrestlers who want out of WWE for one reason or another. Aside from competitors such as Luke Harper, Sasha Banks, and The Revival, there are reportedly other performers who are interested in following Moxley out of the company, as suggested by Dave Meltzer on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, via Wrestling Inc. While Meltzer did not mention any specific names, he added that most of the WWE locker room has “at least inquired” about the possibility of working elsewhere.