Noam Chomsky Says Impeachment Is A ‘Losing Effort For The Democrats’

William B. PlowmanGetty Images

In an interview with Truthout published on Thursday, world-renowned linguist and arguably the best-known public intellectual today Noam Chomsky discussed a number of pressing issues dominating political discourse in the United States.

Citing research and polling, Chomsky described Trump as a “highly skilled” politician, suggesting that the commander in chief is capable of maintaining balance between catering to his base and enriching the Republican Party’s “primary constituency,” as he describes it, the donor class.

After discussing Trump’s economy, which Chomsky claims is not nearly as good as some government statistics suggest, the famous anarchist discussed the prospect of impeachment.

The Democratic Party appears to be moving closer and closer to taking such action against Trump, but according to Noam Chomsky that would be a “losing effort.”

Drawing a comparison between special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and related matters and impeachment proceedings, Chomsky argued that such a maneuver would accomplish nothing. All impeachment would do, according to the linguist, is galvanize Trump’s base.

“His base will be energized, if not infuriated, by what these ‘traitors’ are trying to do to their defender. It’s a losing effort for the Democrats, I think, just as their laser-like focus on Mueller and ‘Russiagate’ has proven to be — not a great surprise.”

“The effect will then be much like that of the Mueller investigation. He will claim to have been proven innocent of the charges, which he will depict as a malicious and underhanded effort by the Democrats and the Deep State to silence the Tribune of the People,” he predicted.

Some polls have indeed suggested that the Mueller investigation helped Trump galvanize his base while also improving the commander in chief’s general approval rating. A CNN poll conducted following the publication of Mueller’s final report found the president’s approval rating to be at its highest level since April 2017.

The percentage of those who strongly approve of the job Trump is doing as commander in chief has never been higher, according to CNN polling. This suggests that the Mueller investigation — which ended up clearing Trump of conspiracy with Russia and did not result in any charges pertaining to obstruction of justice — has indeed energized Trump’s base of supporters.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Wednesday press conference — during which he explained his decision to not charge Trump with a crime — reignited calls for impeachment, putting more pressure on the Democrats to move forward with the maneuver.

But, as The Inquisitr previously reported, even though many would like to see Trump impeached — including dozens of Democratic lawmakers and almost all Democratic presidential candidates — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has continually argued against beginning impeachment proceedings, withstanding pressure from her caucus and the public alike.