‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Devane To Head Off-Canvas As Finola Hughes Takes Summer Vacation

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Anna Devane will be leaving Port Charles soon, and it looks like she will be gone for a while. This is not a permanent exit, but it does look like viewers will see a development arise this week that sets the stage for her temporary departure.

SheKnows Soaps details that actress Finola Hughes will be stepping away from General Hospital and her role of Anna for an extended summer vacation. In fact, it seems that her last airdate — for now — will be on Friday, May 31. Hughes will be gone for several months and this is for an annual summer break she takes.

What will happen that sets the stage for Anna to be away from her fiance, Dr. Hamilton Finn, for such an extended period of time? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central provide a couple of hints. Viewers will see Anna feeling unsettled in some sense, and she will feel anxious to talk face-to-face with her twin sister Alex.

It sounds likely that Anna will decide that she needs to go track down Alex and that this is what drives her departure from Port Charles. Will this be over a renewed round of worries over Peter and the switched memory that has impacted both Anna and Alex’s lives? That much isn’t known yet, but it seems like the most obvious possibility.

Seeing Anna head out of Port Charles for several months seems to sync nicely for a big return coming this summer. Rebecca Budig is returning soon as Hayden Barnes, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she might need his help with a medical situation.

It is expected that Hayden’s return, and surely the reveal that she gave birth to the child she conceived with Finn, will shake things up significantly in terms of Finn’s romance with Anna. Now that it’s been revealed that Anna won’t even be in town as this seemingly happens, it seems all the more likely that Finn will struggle with his feelings for these two women.

While Anna will apparently leave as of Friday’s show, it’s not yet known when Hayden will first pop up. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Budig is expected to begin filming new scenes soon, so an early July onscreen return seems likely.

General Hospital fans have been quite divided on the pairing of Anna with Finn, and many viewers were furious to see Budig let go suddenly as Hayden as she was finally in a good place with Finn. Who will he end up with once his former love returns to town as his current love is away? Spoilers about what’s on the way should be emerging soon.