Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Not Best Friends & May Never Be

Richard PohleGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are reportedly not best friends, and might not ever be close because their lives — and roles — are so different.

At least that is how one royal expert sees it. Sky News‘ royal correspondent, Rhiannon Mills, spoke about the relationship between the two women, addressing reports that they were feuding last year around Christmastime.

Mills — who covers all things concerning the royals in the Sky News podcast Behind the Headline: The Royals with Rhiannon Mills— said that while the two were not best friends, it was not that big of a deal because they are different characters with different lives, The Daily Express reported.

“Do I believe the suggestions that Meghan and Kate are not best friends? Well yes,” she said, adding that they are “very different characters” and they have had “very different lives” in the royal world.

“They also have different futures ahead of them within the royal family,” Mills explained.

She went on to discuss why the two women not being best friends isn’t such a big deal.

“They certainly wouldn’t be the first sisters-in-law’s to not get on and simply have to rub along together as part of a happy family life,” she said, adding that part of the problem was that the public had envisioned a sort of “fairy tale” where the two would become close friends.

“We wanted to see this powerful trio of William, Kate and Harry, become the ‘fab four’ — that we would see William, Kate, Harry and Meghan working very closely together.”

But that doesn’t mean they cannot accomplish great things together. Mills said that they would have to work closely with each other on some projects, but added that it was “obvious” that they had different roles in their futures with consisted of different priorities.

“In my book, that’s fine,” the royal expert concluded.

In regard to the alleged rift between Markle and Middleton, ITV‘s royal correspondent Chris Ship reportedly told Good Morning Britain that the rift was actually between Harry and William.

Ship went on to explain that while the public would also like to see the brothers get along, they don’t always see eye to eye — adding that the siblings have not been getting along for quite some time. He also explained that the public would like to believe that the brothers would always be on good terms with each other, but the truth is a different story.