Duchess Meghan Has A Spanish Lookalike, And Social Media Is Going Crazy

Amy Feinstein

They say everyone has a twin, or at least someone who bears a striking similarity to them, and it seems that's true of Duchess Meghan Markle, too. Her "twin" is also famous in her own political circles in Spain.

Australian blog Now To Love introduced its readers to Spanish politician, Begoña Villacís, who, like the Duchess of Sussex, just had a baby. Villacís's new addition is a little girl named Ines. Alex Lilly says that people had made note of the similarities between the two women, but when Villacís, who is a lawyer, showed up at the polls to cast a vote for herself for mayor of Madrid, she really got some attention.

"As she placed her vote in the Spanish capital, onlookers quickly noticed that Begoña Villacís who was running for Mayor of Madrid for the Spanish Ciudadanos (Citizens) Party, looked remarkably like Duchess Meghan."

The Spanish politician, who is now the mother of three, has joked about the similarities on social media, saying that she's happy to stay in Madrid.

"Between Buckingham Palace and the City Hall, I am sorry but I am going to stay in Madrid."
"People always stop me in the street to ask me if I am Meghan. It can be very funny sometimes. My daughters tease me about it a lot."