Ben Stiller Re-Joins ‘Arrested Development’ For Netflix Season

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the critically-acclaimed cult show Arrested Development is making a comeback on Netflix this spring, and Ben Stiller has agreed to reprise his cameo role from the show’s original run.

During Arrested Development‘s original run, Stiller showed up in a handful of episodes as “Tony Wonder,” a magician and pseudo-rival/icon to Will Arnett’s “Gob.” According to Entertainment Weekly, Stiller will reprise his role for the show’s revival.

A new season of Arrested Development will be airing on Netflix in May, and the show’s return has somehow miraculously cinched the return of every original cast member as well as several of the show’s original guest characters, like Stiller.

According to Screen Crave, returning cast members like Henry Winkler will be joined by new characters portrayed by Terry Crews, Kristen Wiig, Seth Rogen, and more.

In other Arrested Development news, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently said that the upcoming fourth season is a one-off, and that there were no plans for future seasons after that point. There’s still heavy speculation that the fourth season is setting up a potential Arrested Development film, which creator Mitch Hurwitz has not confirmed nor denied.

In any case Arrested Development fans (myself included) are in a position to pretty much take what we get and be happy about it. Many in the show’s cast have since taken off in film (Jason Bateman, Michael Cera) so it’s a miracle that they managed to get the gang back together at all.

Still, an Arrested Development movie would be nice.