Instagram Reacts To Ariana Grande’s ‘Unfair’ Tomato Allergy, And It’s Priceless

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It’s been less than six hours since Ariana Grande took to Instagram to reveal her tomato allergy. The thank u, next singer used her May 29 update to outline why she’s had to reschedule two of her concerts – while the video showed Ariana’s dog, the caption provided a full and detailed explanation.

Grande explained that she’d reacted to tomatoes with an allergy, which she described as “unfortunate.” Outlining that she still felt unwell, Ariana then confirmed that she’s on the mend before thanking fans for their support. The two postponed Florida concerts were also stated as moved to November.

The caption came with something else, though. Ariana voiced what appeared to be a joking sense of anger, per her caption.


Instagram has been reacting. Well-wishers have been sending their thoughts, but the most humorous comments are fast-proving the most-liked ones.

“Oh no!! No more pizza????” one fan wrote.

The comment received over 1,000 likes.

“if u develop an allergy to basil it’s over” was another comment.

With over 7,000 likes, one user mentioned a vehicle, per their words.

“** Gets rid of all the tomatoes on the bus. I’m sorry.”

One fan seemed to prefer a simple hashtag for their comment.

“#DeathToTomatoes,” they wrote.

The comments section also saw fans revealing their own allergies. One stated that they are allergic to eggplant. Another seemed to sympathize with the singer – their comment revealed an allergy to apples. Invariably, however, fans seemed to be sending either love and humor. One fan queried whether “TOMATOES” might be the title for Grande’s next single.

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cleveland kiids, see u tonight

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Ariana’s recent revelation follows her Tuesday announcement that she had been forced to pull out of two of her gigs. As People reports on May 29, Ariana had taken to her Instagram stories to break the news. She had not, however, stated a reason beyond her health. This star is known for being open, though. Taking to her “thank u, next” single to list her ex-boyfriends and overall emotions more than proved this.

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sry for the spam grateful as fuck bye

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Other humorous reactions to Ariana’s tomato-related post included a fan asking how her “nonna” would feel about the whole affair. Ariana uses the Italian nickname for her grandmother. The singer is herself of Italian descent.

Ariana’s post received a staggeringly-high response. Over 13,500 comments were left within the space of five hours. The same time frame also saw the post rack up over 2 million likes.