Fox News Host Rages At Robert Mueller: ‘He’s Full Of Crap’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

In an intense opening monologue on his radio program on Wednesday, Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Mediaite reports.

Robert Mueller is, according to Hannity, “full of crap.”

“First of all, he’s full of crap. It’s laughable on the surface what he is saying,” the host said, proceeding to tell his listeners that the special counsel would have certainly charged President Donald Trump with a crime had there been one.

Had there been a crime, it would have been “spelled out…so clearly, with zero ambiguity” in the Mueller report, according to Hannity.

After criticizing the special counsel’s office, Hannity alleged that Mueller’s Wednesday press conference is a result of peer pressure. The host laid out a theory, suggesting that Mueller was simply trying to appease the supposed “left wing” in Washington D.C. in order to peacefully attend functions and parties in the capital.

“I think what’s happening is he showing up at his D.C. parties, and he’s probably getting a lot of crap for the fact that he didn’t do what the left wing in the D.C. sewer and swamp wanted him to do.”

Appointed in 2016 to investigate Russian election interference and possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign, Mueller failed to prove a Trump-Russia conspiracy, while refusing to charge the president with obstruction of justice.

Mueller did not exonerate Trump of the crime either — the special counsel’s office stuck to Department of Justice recommendations, which state that no sitting president can be indicted.

As The Inquisitr reported, Mueller explained his decisions in an impromptu press conference on Wednesday.

Notably, he said that “the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing,” all but openly stating that Congress should start impeachment proceedings against President Trump, and putting pressure on the Democrats.

Feeling the pressure is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who — unlike many of her colleagues — remains opposed to the idea of impeachment. In a statement about Mueller’s press briefing, Pelosi said that the House should continue investigating and legislating, contradicting many other key Democrats.

Dozens of House Democrats have vocally called for impeachment proceedings to begin, as have virtually all Democratic presidential candidates, but Pelosi has remained adamantly opposed to the notion.

Mere hours after Mueller’s press conference, Pelosi said that she is “optimistic” that lawmakers can strike a bipartisan infrastructure deal with President Trump, according to The Hill.

The House speaker made the remarks during an event hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California, where she once again argued against impeachment.