AEW Rumors: Joey Ryan Turns Down Offer From AEW, Could Still Sign With WWE

Lucha Underground

Joey Ryan has often been seen as one of the most risqué wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. He would have easily fit in very well during the WWF Attitude Era, and fans can only imagine how things would have gone if he had formed a tag team with Val Venis. Either way, he’s a great talent who is generating a lot of talk on social media as he has reportedly turned down an offer from All Elite Wrestling and is mulling one from WWE.

Back in March, Ryan had finally been released from his contract with Lucha Underground which was actually hindering a lot of wrestlers. With the future of the company up in the air, the promotion had legal action brought against them by Ryan and a number of others unless they were released as Ryan stated on his Twitter account.

Now, he’s a free agent who has continued making the rounds in the independent scene with rumors that he could end up anywhere at any moment. There has been talk of him heading to WWE or possibly All Elite Wrestling, but the latter now appears to be out.

According to So Cal Uncensored, Ryan has turned down an unspecified offer from AEW and he won’t be going to the new promotion.

Throughout his almost two-decades-long career, Joey Ryan has appeared in WWE a small handful of times, but he’s never signed a contract with them. Wrestling Inc. reported in late April that Ryan was teasing signing with WWE now and possibly taking a position with them.

Ryan did say that he had talks with WWE about working in their developmental system. He said that WWE spoke with him about moving to Orlando, working a few years in NXT, and eventually transitioning into a coaching position to help out younger talents.

The 39-year-old wrestler has not yet said that he’s turned down WWE’s offer and he hasn’t actually publicly stated that he’s turned down AEW either. Now, Joey Ryan has had a “Farewell To The Indies” tour shirt available on Pro Wrestling Tees, but no further info on his future has been revealed.

Ryan has said that May 30 will be the last day that the “Farewell” tour shirt will be available. He also told So Cal Uncensored that “everything will be answered Thursday” when they asked him for a comment on rumors that he turned down AEW’s offer. It’s going to be interesting to see just where he will end up and if WWE’s offer to him was far too enticing to turn down.