WWE News: Former Superstar Arrested For Bringing A Loaded Gun Into An Airport


Former WWE superstar Terri Runnels was arrested early on Wednesday morning. It was originally believed she was arrested for being in possession of a concealed weapon. As more information came out regarding the arrest, it is now known to be quite a bit worse. Runnels, who was once known as Marlena in WWF, was arrested for bringing a loaded gun into the Tampa International Airport in Florida.

TMZ Sports revealed that the 52-year-old Runnels was arrested at 7:32 a.m. Eastern for “carrying a concealed firearm” which is a class 3 felony. Runnels went all the way to the security checkpoint which is where TSA officials located the Glock 9mm handgun which was fully loaded.

The image of the weapon obtained by TMZ showed at least 11 bullets which appeared to also be hollow-tipped rounds.

The gun was located inside of a sock which was stuffed inside of the backpack that Runnels was carrying. She has said that she simply forgot the gun was in her backpack and in her possession when she went to the airport, so, this was a simple mistake.

Runnels told the police that she had the loaded gun because she went to her mother’s house to deal with an armadillo that was digging up her yard. After that, she needed to fly out and simply forgot that it was still in her backpack.

Runnels was arrested at the security checkpoint of Tampa International Airport and as of Wednesday afternoon, she was still in jail. Her bond was set at $2,000, but the charges brought against her could cost her a lot more.

The charge of carrying a concealed firearm carries a punishment of up to five years in prison and a maximum of $5,000 in fines.

Terri Runnels is the ex-wife of Dustin Runnels/Rhodes who was known as Goldust during his time in WWF/WWE. Terri spent the majority of her time in WWF as a manager for Goldust as well as Shawn Stasiak, D’lo Brown and Mark Henry, and the Hardy Boyz during their early run with the company.

In 2002, Terri Runnels actually pinned Steven Richards during an interview to win the WWE Hardcore Championship. She immediately lost it as Richards pinned her to take it right back, but she is one of only four women to ever hold the title.

Right now, it isn’t yet known if Terri Runnels is out of jail or not, but she has a rather long road ahead of her with these charges. Bringing a concealed weapon into an airport is a surefire way to get arrested, and that’s exactly what happened in quick fashion.