'Maxim' Model Kara Del Toro Bounces Volleyball On Beach In Hot-Pink String Bikini

When it comes to rocking a tiny bikini on the beach, Kara Del Toro is a pro. The Maxim model has made wearing itsy-bitsy outfits something of a career, although her most recent Instagram update seems to be celebrating some well-earned time off.

On May 29, Kara updated her Instagram feed. The video shows Kara on a sandy beach, backed by ocean horizons. Taking up the foreground, Kara is seen bouncing around a volleyball with an impressive amount of skill. Strong fists are perfectly mastering the art of keeping the ball in the air, although Kara does eventually miss it. The model is dressed for the setting -- her tiny hot-pink bikini is stringy, very revealing, and flashing as much cleavage as possible.

With her sensational curves on show -- likewise her carefree smile and athleticism -- Kara, and her video, are proving a hit. Fans have been responding both to the video itself and to the caption, one which references her athletic skill.

"You'd still win hahah," one fan wrote.

This likely pertains to Kara having missed her final attempt to keep the ball bouncing in the air.

"I want to play too!" another admirer added.

One fan pointed out Kara's "innocent face at the end."

Kara has 989,000 Instagram followers. While many of her updates come in the form of cleavage-flaunting swimwear displays, they also often feature Kara's easy-going charm. This model is known for her low-key approach to life, love of the outdoors, and penchant for offbeat or earthy settings. Less about glitzy locations and more about natural ones, Kara is often seen near canopied bamboos or exposed stone. While some pool or beach updates come with the stereotypical Hollywood vibe, Kara's overall mentality doesn't appear to follow the industry's standards.Unusual as some of Kara's updates are, they do follow a trend seen by other Instagram models. While Kara doesn't announce herself as a full-blown brand ambassador in her bio, she does take to the platform to promote products. Bali Body is one such product she promotes on occasion. That said, with her bronzed skin and visible usage of the product, Kara appears to have a personal link to the brands she represents. One recent update posted by Kara promoted Bali Body's tanning oils, the caption containing Instagram's required ad hashtag.Despite appearing to steer clear of certain Hollywood stereotypes, Kara does follow some of the industry's famous faces. Her Instagram account appears to be following Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber.

Today's update had racked up over 39,000 views within one hour of having been posted. Fans wishing to stay updated on Kara's activities should follow her Instagram feed.