Demi Rose Shares Photo Of Herself At 80 Pounds, Opens Up About Eating Disorder

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Demi Rose is so much more than an Instagram model for her 9 million followers to fawn over. She’s a real person, with real feelings, who is opening up about battling an eating disorder when she was a teenager. The 24-year-old spoke out on her Instagram story Wednesday afternoon after a comment from a fan pushed her to speak out.

The British model noted that fans were asking in the comment section of her photos who her doctor was, which prompted her to share photos from her Instagram where she had the same curvy figure seven years ago. Demi is sometimes poked at in the comment section of her sexy posts, with trolls suggesting her body is fake and is not the results of hard work. In her Instagram story, and confirmed by The Daily Mail, the model explained how she battled an eating disorder, and how she overcame it and worked for the iconic body she now has.

Demi first shared a post from 2015, where she talked about her eating disorder with her followers. She didn’t boast the 9 million fans she has today, and the post has gotten lost among hundreds of sexy images on her feed. In the throwback post, Demi shared a before and after of her body, where she only weighed 80 pounds in the former. The after-photo was from a year later, but Demi did not specify her weight in 2016.

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#Throwback Here is a picture of me on the left when I was only 80 pounds and at the time I was struggling with an #eatingdisorder ... At the time I lost all my curves and on the right, a year later at a normal healthy weight (picture taken 94 weeks ago). For those saying the difference is surgery it wasn't, just malnutrition. I don't want sympathy, just to inspire. Many of us struggle for perfection rather than just accepting who you are loving yourself. Enjoy what you enjoy in moderation. Use fitness rather than starving yourself and nourish your body, don't punish it! For anyone out there who is hating their body it takes time and self belief, don't ever give up! You're as strong as you believe and it's all about changing your mindset and running with it

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“So yes, I have been skinner. But I got back on track through the years. Now [I eat] well. Have a great diet and ever since I have been 18 I have been working with a personal trainer or by myself in the gym 3-4 times a week. God bless those who have ever suffered from an eating disorder or are suffering now,” Demi wrote on her Instagram story.

Demi then encouraged anyone battling an eating disorder to message her for support. She admitted she once hated herself and promised she would never put herself through the situation again. The model became overwhelmed with responses and put another message on her Instagram story thanking everyone who reached out to her and promising she would respond if she could.

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The decision to speak out came after Demi posted three photos in a row where she sported an extremely tiny bikini which showed off her large chest. While many of her followers wrote positive things in the comment section, it was some of the negative response that encouraged her to dig up the old post to share with fans who might have missed it all those years ago.