Miley Cyrus Spills Out Of Tiny Black Bra, Flashes Thighs In Sheer Stockings

Buzz surrounding Miley Cyrus' She Is Coming music project has been intense ever since the star announced it over the weekend. The much-anticipated EP is set to drop May 31. Miley's latest Instagram update may come with the project's name and release date in the caption, but it's sending fans a raunchy display.

On May 29, Miley updated her Instagram. The black-and-white snap shows the 26-year-old shot close up. The Younger Now singer is leaning forward in a fairly provocative get-up of black lingerie and stockings, although her facial expression doesn't appear overly suggestive.

Clothing-wise, Miley seems to have gone minimal. Her black bra is tiny, daringly cut out, and cleavage-flaunting. With nothing covering them, the star's arm tattoos are on full display. Hints of black briefs are visible, although they're mostly covered by a pair of sheer stockings flashing the singer's thighs. In her signature carefree style, Miley has opted for messy blonde waves as her hair hangs loosely around her shoulders. Bowl-style bangs add low-key flourishes.

An update from one of music's biggest faces isn't going to go unnoticed – especially when it's part of a buildup.

"I am excited," one fan wrote.

"I am eagerly awaiting for it" was another comment.

It looks like Miley and her announcement are going down well.

Activity on Cyrus' Instagram appears to have been centering around her as-yet-unreleased music all this week. A sexy video of Miley eating fruit came yesterday. The video (seen below) showed the singer surrounded by a pile of fresh fruits as she suggestively ate and squeezed the foods.As one of popular culture's major icons, Miley comes as a chart-topping artist, activist, and social media sensation. Her Instagram following currently sits at 94 million. In an age where celebrities following other celebrities is considered a measure of success, Miley appears to be performing highly. The offbeat singer is followed by a plethora of famous faces including Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicki Minaj, and Dua Lipa. Fashion faces also follow her. Supermodels Gigi Hadid and Heidi Klum subscribe to Miley's Instagram.
Elsewhere, Miley makes headlines for her recent marriage. Her December 2018 wedding to actor Liam Hemsworth came unexpected – the couple only announced that they had tied the knot following the event.

With a hippie vibe, a sensational voice, and yet another reminder of her sensational body, Miley's fame continues to climb. Today's post racked up over 380,000 likes within one hour of being posted. Fans wishing to stay updated on Miley and her music should follow her Instagram.