Camille Grammer Responds To Accusations That She’s Afraid Of ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump

Valerie MaconGetty Images

Camille Grammer is speaking out after finding out that her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars talked smack behind her back hours after her wedding to David C. Meyer. On Tuesday’s episode of the Bravo reality show, viewers saw a newlywed Camille still lamenting over the fact that her longtime friend Lisa Vanderpump chose not to attend her Hawaiian nuptials amid her ongoing “Puppy Gate” drama with the other castmates on the Bravo reality show.

The day after her wedding, during a brunch with her co-stars, Camille noted that “Lisa should have been here — to be here for me and to dismiss all of this.”

But during the van ride back to the airport following the brunch, Camille Grammer’s co-stars got wind of a People magazine article in which the new bride praised Lisa and credited her for encouraging her to get married a second time. In the article, Camille also said the Vanderpump Rules star had been nothing but supportive of her.

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aftershow, Grammer’s castmates accused her of being “flip-floppy” and “two-faced,” Too Fab reports.

Kyle Richards accused Camille of saying bad things about Lisa Vanderpump behind the scenes, then saying nice things about her to the press. And Erika Jayne went on to speculate that Camille Grammer could be afraid of Lisa Vanderpump. Erika wondered if Camille is “afraid to really say how she feels about Lisa Vanderpump,” and she questioned her co-star’s inconsistency when speaking about the wealthy restaurateur.

On her Bravo blog, Camille Grammer admitted she was “caught by surprise” by the comments that came from the mouths of her “so-called” Beverly Hills girlfriends. Grammer then blasted her catty co-stars for “condemning” her hours after her nuptials instead of just being happy for her. Grammer also explained that the People interview took place a week before her wedding and that she simply acknowledged Lisa’s words of encouragement to “take the leap into marriage.”

“I guess it has come to the point that one cannot say nice things about Lisa without betraying the Puppy Gate Girl Gang. It appears that any positive words about LVP will put one in the doghouse, if not a kill shelter.”

Camille went on to say she is surprised by this considering some of her RHOBH co-stars have been trying for weeks to get back in Lisa Vanderpump’s good graces. Grammer explained that she is able to separate her wedding disappointment from her sympathy towards Lisa after her difficult year.

“On my end, I see no reason why I can’t be disappointed that Lisa missed my wedding while also having empathy for her for the loss of her brother and her harsh treatment by the women of Puppy Gate.”

Grammer also had some choice words for Dorit Kemsley, the woman behind the whole Puppy Gate mess. RHOBH fans know that Dorit gave away her adopted Vanderpump Dogs pup after realizing the dog wasn’t a good fit for her family. In turn, the pup ended up at a kill shelter instead of the good home Dorit thought she had given her to. Cammile said she still doesn’t understand why the puppy wasn’t returned to Vanderpump Dogs in the first place so the cast could have avoided “all of this nonsense.”

In the aftermath of the Puppy Gate drama, Camille Grammer was the only Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member to be invited to the grand opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s new cocktail lounge at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in March.

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