Venezuelan Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Showcases Insane Abs, Curvy Derriere In New Workout Snap

Venezuelan fitness expert Michelle Lewin has inspired millions of people with her insane, athletic figure and her insight into healthy living. The social media bombshell showed why she has so many dedicated fans with her latest Instagram video, and people are going crazy over this one.

Lewin shared a workout video to her Instagram page that is already closing in on having 1 million views. It has been checked out by Michelle's followers more than 840,000 times in less than a day and that number continues to climb.

The video includes a lengthy note from the fitness phenom. Lewin wrote about how getting a workout done is important no matter what kind of setting you have available, and she shared specifics on the workout she demonstrated.

This clip shows exactly why Lewin has amassed a following of 13 million people on the social media site. She is wearing short, gray workout shorts and an olive-green workout crop top as she does squats and deadlifts.

Michelle has this workout filmed from a variety of angles to clearly demonstrate all of the exercises, and these shots also showcase the enviable figure she's built for herself. Lewin's taut, insane abs are impossible to miss, as is her firm, curvy booty.

Those who follow the Venezuelan fitness model know that her hard work has served to also give her impressively muscular legs and arms. In another video clip shared a couple of days ago by Lewin, she dons a form-fitting, short purple dress as she hypes a waist belt.

This clip has already been viewed more than 1.77 million times, and it's not a challenge to see why her followers find it hard to resist. The clingy fabric of the minidress shows off Lewin's busty assets as well as her chiseled abs and impossibly tiny waist, and Michelle turns to flaunt a shot of her booty as well.

Some of Lewin's followers admit via the comments that they're obsessed with her, and they think she's on fire in this latest video. The fitness vixen joked that she had on her morning face in this clip, but some fans noted that they wished they could look this amazing at any point of their day.

Not long ago, Lewin shared a video clip from a decade ago to her Instagram page showing her physique in her earlier days of training. Fans noted that she looked fabulous there, but it is clear she has worked hard and completely transformed her body in the years since then. Michelle Lewin obviously knows what it takes to get results, and posts like these are why the Venezuelan fitness bombshell has generated the following she has.