Samantha Hoopes Flaunts Cleavage In Half-Worn Robe On Instagram

Samantha Hoopes recently shared an amazing photo with her Instagram fans, one showing her wearing a white robe that was falling down her arms. Because the model was partially disrobed, the pose left her cleavage exposed. Her makeup and hair were also glamorous, as she wore light pink lipstick and styled her hair down in curls. Although the post was only released an hour ago, as of this writing, it's already been liked by over 10,000 Instagram fans.

What the photo doesn't show, however, is Samantha's growing baby bump. As an expectant mother, Samantha has been open with her fans about what it's like to be pregnant, discussing all of her ups and downs. Hoopes has been sharing the experience not just through her Instagram feed, but through her personal blog, too.

It's clear that the model is looking as fabulous as ever, with all of her recent posts showing her in various bikinis or lingerie sets. These updates have been mixed with professional shots from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, one which profiled Samantha before she was visibly pregnant. One of these photos showed her completely drenched while rocking a leopard print miniskirt. Posted in mid-May, the photo received over 21,000 likes. This particular snapshot showed Hoopes standing and facing the camera, tugging at the bottom of her dress while shooting a sultry look at the photographer. Her hair was also wet, and her slick locks were styled down. Behind her, you could see water -- and a little bit of land.

With that being said, her fans are likely excited about her newest venture. Samantha is launching a personal blog called Message from a Model. Her newest post was all about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a publication which was celebrated with much fanfare during their launch week. Within the post, Hoopes reflected on her journey, and even shared that she looks back on her partying days with sadness.
"When I was a kid I was never really allowed out to parties or anything so when I got some freedom it was balls to the walls for me. There was no in between. Looking back on this and how I was feeling inside makes me sad. I was trying to fit in and be something that I really wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of Tequila (maybe too much), but the way that I was doing it was all wrong. I was destroying myself and for a career model, this is one of the worst things..."
Luckily for Samantha's fans, they can continue to get to know her better by keeping an eye on the blog.