Jenna Jameson Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss, Flaunts Figure In Daisy Dukes And Tiny Tube Top

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has embraced a new life in a new place in recent weeks and fans cannot get over how amazingly well it seems to suit her. Jameson has worked incredibly hard over the past year to transform her body in addition to her life, and she flaunted her progress in her latest Instagram shot.

Jameson has shed 80 pounds over the past year, and she credits both her sobriety and her keto diet for how amazing she looks now. Jenna recently moved her family to Hawaii, having shared with her social media followers via an Instagram post that it's a dream she decided it was time to pursue.

On Tuesday, Jameson posted a selfie to her Instagram page that showcased both her amazing new figure and the stunning view she has from her new place. Jenna explained in the caption that she was thinking of starting a new YouTube channel and was soliciting questions, but it looks like her fans placed all of their attention on the photo she shared.

This new photo of Jenna shows her leaning back against the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in her new Hawaiian home. She is wearing white sandals and short Daisy Duke denim shorts with a wide brown belt cinched at the waist. Jameson is also wearing a small, floral tube top, and she is standing with one arm over her head and the other across her waist.

Jenna is gazing off across the room in this shot, and she is angled in such a way to perfectly flaunt her muscular, athletic legs and taut abs. Many of her tattoos can be seen with this particular pose, and she has her blonde hair pulled into a messy braid that hangs loosely over one shoulder.

The former adult film star loves to share side-by-side comparisons to help inspire her followers, and she shared a stunning one a few days ago. The older photo was of Jenna while she was pregnant with her daughter, and the new shot was something much more recent.

In the new photo, Jameson was wearing a form-fitting, white knit dress, and she was sitting in a position that showed off a hint of her pink panties. As is often the case, Jenna shared an inspirational caption about how women are pure magic with amazing, insane bodies.

Jenna Jameson still gets plenty of commentary on her social media posts related to her headline-making past and her adult film industry days. Despite that, she has made it clear she's embraced the opportunity to create a new life and become a new person, and her fans love her honesty and inspirational approach.