Fired 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Husband Caught Being Verbally Abusive At Home: 'You Could Die Right Now!'

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have temporarily lost custody of their kids, and according to a new report, their time away from the couple's North Carolina home may be a good thing.

On May 29, TMZ shared a shocking video of Eason taken at the home, in which he is seen berating someone before flipping off the camera. As the outlet explained, the clip seems to serve as proof that Eason has "created an abusive environment at home."

According to the report, the video was shot sometime this year, but an exact date is not known.

"You could die right now for all I give a f***. You're a f***ing piece of s**t. You're the biggest f***ing piece of s*** I know," Eason was heard saying in the clip before flipping off the camera and walking away.

While it wasn't confirmed who was behind the camera, TMZ suspected it was Evans and said the comments made by Eason were likely aimed at her. After all, hardly anyone was allowed on their property, aside from a few family members and friends.

Earlier this week, a judge in North Carolina ruled that Evans and Eason's kids, including 11-year-old Maryssa, four-year-old Kaiser, and two-year-old Ensley, should not be allowed to return home because both Evans and Eason have put their safety at risk.

As Teen Mom 2 fans will recall, Evans' husband killed their family dog -- a French bulldog named Nugget -- at the end of last month and attempted to defend the killing by sharing a photo and video of Nugget nipping at Ensley. A short time later, an investigation into the murder was launched, and ultimately, the couple's children were taken out of their home and placed with family members nearby.

According to TMZ's report, a number of shocking details were shared during Evans and Eason's custody hearing, where they attempted to regain custody of their kids. At one point, it was revealed that Kaiser, who Evans shares with Nathan Griffith, was terrified to go back to the home because he was afraid of Eason.

"It's all David's fault," a source confirmed.

While any allegations of abuse have been denied, Eason was seen mistreating Kaiser on a number of occasions on Teen Mom 2, and during one episode last year, he was seen dragging the child across his backyard after he begged for food. During another episode, Kaiser was heard yelling, "No, David! No!" as Eason pulled him off-camera.

After losing temporary custody, Evans and Eason are now required to attend parenting classes, go to counseling, and adhere to weekly drug testing.