Twin Model Mathilde Tantot Goes Virtually Topless In Front Of The Eiffel Tower

Mathilde TantotInstagram

Competition between Instagram’s models is stiff. With a twin status, French model Mathilde Tantot has an advantage. Mathilde and her twin sister Pauline are known for their joint snaps. Mathilde’s latest update has chosen her country’s most iconic landmark, celebrates her heritage, and comes very scantily clad.

On May 28, Mathilde updated her Instagram. The snap shows the model posing near-topless on grass in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. She’s wearing nothing but blue jeans and a tiny black top that’s been rolled up above her chest. Tantot is using her hands to cover her modesty. That said, with most of her chest on display, this snap is NSFW. Mathilde is full-frontal, has her tongue out, and refers to her body in her caption. As it states, this is her “body” and her “choice.” The patriotic “Vive la France” is then used.

With one of the world’s most photographed structures as the background (and one very attractive model in the foreground), the update has been proving a hit.

One fan seemed to agree with Mathilde.

“Our bodies. Our choices,” they wrote.

The sentiment appeared echoed by another fan.

“Your body your choice i agree,” were their words.

Once shied away from or interpreted as vulgar, showcasing the feminine physique on social media has become a trend. With megastars such as Kim Kardashian taking to Instagram for lingerie-clad or nude selfies, feminine embracement has become a full-blown phenomenon. Mathilde may not come with a Kardashian status, but her decision to embrace her body in a fearless and celebratory manner echoes that of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

With an Instagram feed that’s largely dedicated to showcasing daring lingerie or swimwear, Tantot’s attitude toward flaunting her sensational body seems to be one that’s employed on a regular basis. This model also happens to have a lot to flaunt. Mathilde has slender limbs, a peachy behind, and an all-around golden tan.

Tantot’s bio acknowledges two heritages from two very different parts of the world. As it states, she is both “French” and “Persian.” Given her Parisian base in this update, it would seem that Mathilde’s current mindset is in the mood to celebrate the French part.

Yesterday’s post had racked up over 277,000 likes within 21 hours of being posted. Mathilde has 2.1 million Instagram followers. They include fellow models Julia Muniz, Gabby Epstein, and her twin Pauline. Fans wishing to stay up to date with Mathilde should follow her Instagram.