‘General Hospital’ Summer Spoilers: A Familiar Face From The Past Returns To Port Charles

Michael YadaABC Press

There are new recent developments coming your way on General Hospital. Spoilers are coming in fast and furious as to what kind of sizzling summer it will be in Port Charles. One hot detail reveals that someone from the past will be coming back into town. This person will somehow impact many people’s lives. Who could it be?

There are several hints that make General Hospital fans curious as to who this secret visitor will be. One such spoiler indicates that a ‘blast from the past’ will be hitting Port Charles very soon. According to TV Insider, the person who is slated to return will have ties to Jasper Jacks (Jax) and will impact his life. There are no other details on who it is or why they are back, but it sounds like this will be an interesting storyline.

Jax has just returned to town to see his daughter, Josslyn, after the loss of Oscar. But her dad is planning on staying for a while and that could certainly cause a little chaos in Sonny and Carly’s lives. He is expected to have some type of new business transaction that will keep him in Port Charles longer than expected.

There are other spoilers that may tie into this person as well. SheKnows Soaps tease that Sonny and Carly will be getting a surprise visitor. Is this the same person who will be interacting with Jax? There is a good possibility that they are one and the same since the threesome is connected in more ways that one.

There are many rumors swirling on these summer spoilers as General Hospital viewers try to guess who will be coming back and whose lives will be affected by their return. Many are hoping that this familiar face from the past will be Skye Chandler Quartermaine, played by Robin Christopher. The red-haired beauty was once married to Jax, so that is a strong possibility.

There is also a spoiler that indicates that someone new will be involved in the teen scene with Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina this summer — a possible love triangle? Fans just assumed that there would be a new guy in Josslyn’s life who would compete with Cameron for her attention. However, it could be another girl who enters the picture to be paired with Cam.

A curious post on Twitter mentioned how Skye’s daughter, Lila Rae, is headed to Port Charles. It’s not official, but all of these spoilers strongly hint that Skye is the surprise visitor and that she brings Lila Rae along. These are just rumors for now, as no official announcement has been made.

Who is the blast from the past visitor going to be? Stay tuned for more General Hospital updates as more details become available.