‘Bachelorette’ Star Luke Parker Takes To Instagram To Explain ‘Overbearing’ Behavior Towards Hannah Brown

John FleenorABC

The Bachelorette star Luke Parker has posted a new Instagram statement where he attempts to explain his overbearing behavior towards Hannah Brown and whether or not they have indeed become a couple.

Parker noted that it was “hard” to watch himself this season and said that “if” he and Brown end up together, his actions will continue to be “exposed.” He also revealed that his experience on the show is one that has helped him grow as a person, and for that he is grateful.

E! News reported that Parker and Brown had a confrontation where she explained to him that he needed to understand the dating process on The Bachelorette and that he should be happy with the way their relationship was progressing, rather than worry about his competition all the time. Parker scored a first impression rose from Brown during the first episode of the season.

Luke P. has had his share of critics since he debuted on the show, but none more so than this week. Upon learning Brown was sick from Connor S. — who was readying himself for a one-on-one sailing date with Hannah — he met her at her suite and realized she had been hospitalized.

His first question was not whether Brown was okay or if she needed anything, but rather, “what was she wearing?”

E! News also reminded fans that Luke’s attitude was a continuation of his debut on the show. In his video montage, he explained the time he “found God in his shower” after he was dating too many girls.

Brown found herself at a loss for words after Parker became territorial with her during a group date, where the contestants participated in a photo shoot with plenty of cuddly animals in the mix. She was turned off by the way he behaved and said so on the show.

Parker was upset after Brown kissed Peter in front of the other men and the series star took him to task over his reaction, telling him that he needed to stop being overly confident in their relationship, even if it was going well.

Us Weekly reported that Parker’s threats to leave the competition didn’t sit well with Brown either, nor did his comments that he was not in love with her. Brown’s response was to stand her ground, leaving the couple’s relationship on shaky footing at this point in the competition.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.