Queen Elizabeth Prepares To Host President Trump, The 12th U.S. President She Has Entertained In 68 Years

Matt Dunham - WPA PoolGetty Images

The longest reigning monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth, will welcome President Donald Trump for the second time during his presidency on Monday, reported The Daily Mail. President Trump is the 12th United States president that the queen has met and entertained in her 68 years on the throne.

Queen Elizabeth first welcomed Trump and his wife Melania to Windsor Castle in July of 2018, where they participated in a variety of activities, including watching a military march and sharing tea. On Monday, the president will once again travel to the U.K. for a three-day visit where he will visit with the queen and the rest of Britain’s royal family.

Trump’s first visit with the queen was a huge success, according to CNBC, and he spoke highly of the British monarch.

“We got along fantastically well. You know, sometimes if you like somebody you get along – good chemistry – the time goes by. So we were there for about an hour.”

The first U.S. president that the queen met was Harry S. Truman in 1951 when she was still a princess. She met with him in Washington during her first visit to the United States.

Queen Elizabeth’s first state visit to America as queen saw her meet with Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. The two were said to have an affectionate relationship and met more than once, including a visit to the queen’s Scottish hideaway Balmoral Castle.

John F. Kennedy was the next president that the queen had the pleasure of meeting when Kennedy and his wife Jackie dined with the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace in June 1961.

The queen was visited by Richard Nixon in February 1969 at Buckingham Palace and met with him again in 1970 at Chequers, the official residence of the British prime minister.

The monarch met Gerald Ford in Washington, D.C., in 1976, where they were famously pictured dancing together during a state ball.

A year later, Queen Elizabeth welcomed Jimmy Carter and hosted him for dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan visited Windsor Castle in 1982, where the president bonded with the queen over their shared love of horses.

George H.W. Bush had the luxury of meeting the queen twice during his presidency – once at Buckingham Palace and later in the U.S. where she attended her first Major League Baseball game.

Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary met Queen Elizabeth on more than one occasion during his presidency.

George W. Bush was another president with whom the queen met several times over the course of his presidency.

Finally, the queen and Barack Obama shared a special relationship during his presidency, which extended to the rest of the president’s family and other British royals.