Amanda Cerny Shows Off Insane Body In Tiny Pink Bikini

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Not only does Amanda Cerny have an amazing sense of humor, but she also has a rockin’ body to go along with it.

As fans of the 27-year-old know, Amanda is incredibly popular on social media, boasting more than 24 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. While Cerny primarily floods her Instagram account with funny videos and posts, she also shares some sexy photos from time to time as well. In her most recent Instagram update, the brunette beauty nearly bares it all for the camera.

In the first photo in the series of two, the YouTuber leans against a giant tree while rocking a tiny pink bikini. Amanda’s flawless body is fully on display in the image while she nearly spills out of the bikini top. The YouTuber’s abs take center stage in the photo and she pairs her look with matching, skimpy bikini bottoms. The bombshell wears her long, dark locks down and slightly waved and completes the laid-back look with a pair of big, round sunglasses.

The second photo in the deck shows off a bit more of Amanda’s fun side, while she straddles a giant tree. In true Amanda-fashion, she strikes a fun pose, leaning back and throwing her hands in the air. The reality star wears a huge smile on her face in the image and she appears to be having the time of her life. Since the series of photos went live, they’ve earned the stunner a lot of attention with more than 838,000 likes in addition to many more than 2,000 comments.

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While many fans took to the photo to let Amanda know how amazing she looks, countless others chimed in to simply let her know that they’re huge fans of hers. Of course, a few others had no words and just commented on the post with various emojis, including the flame and heart emojis.

“I see you more happy than ever and that is so beautiful,” one follower wrote with a heart-eye emoji.

“Wow, you’re beyond drop dead gorgeous. Happy Memorial Day Amanda! Can’t believe it’ll be your Birthday next month already! Proud to be a supporter since 2014 #TeamCerny.”

“I wanna be just like you gurl [sic]! You rock,” another Instagram user chimed in.

Prior to posting the pink bikini-clad photo, Amanda (or one of her friends) used their photoshop skills and made the bikini red and blue in honor of Memorial Day weekend. It certainly comes as no shock that this image also earned the 27-year-0ld rave reviews with more than 1 million likes and 4,000 comments.

Fans can keep up with Amanda on Instagram.